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7 Things you did not know about Apple and Samsung

iPhone vs Galaxy S8, competition rises with the new launch of smartphones. Let’s see the top 7 comparisons to know which smartphone is a better fit for you.

Obsolete sentence structure: Do you want to spend a hefty amount on a quality smartphone? Or maybe you are still somewhere in between choosing from Apple’s new launch and Android’s. You are in the right place.

A lot has happened since iPhones hit the market and people lost their minds to own one of them yet android never played calm, with extreme aggression Samsung launched the phablet flagship to meet the competition benchmark set by Apple.

  1. Design

Everything starts with what we see and how the device looks and the same thing applies to these bad boys if we compare the design of iPhone X and Galaxy S8 starting from the sleek metallic frame to curvy edges we will see both companies are neck on neck.

Yet they do differ in many other ways like the weight where iPhone X is much lighter than Galaxy S8 but both the phones overrule when it comes to bezel-less display. It’s super trendy that iPhone designed the front camera with a notch on top of the display whereas Galaxy S8 has a curved infinity display. By any case, both of them stands unique among the crowd.

Talking about the screen and size, iPhone is anytime smaller and more compact in size than Galaxy S9, though the size of Galaxy S8 comes from its bigger display size. So, it’s up to you, and what you want, compact or larger than life.


Galaxy S8 gives you a display of 6.3 inches super AMOLED from edge to edge. iPhone x delivers 5.8 inches with super retina covered from edge to edge now the question of compact and handy gadget comes into play right here. Now that Galaxy S8 has some serious competitor in the market like apple it has really improved everything from start to finish, the screen size might be bigger than iPhone yet it’s fabulous with super high resolution on the screen.

Talking about iPhone it’s easy to state that no matter what it launches, it’s all high-end tech and as long as display density is concerned it gives out 458 pixels whereas Galaxy S8 delivers 521 PPI pixel density to its QHD panel.

  1. Storage and Hardware

Narrowing down the comparison to the storage it’s surprising how they compete with each other in becoming the best, iPhone S8 offers something around 3GB RAM and a storage of 64GB to 256 GB With A11 Bionic CPU whereas Galaxy S8 offers you an Exynos 8995 octa0core CPU with a 6GB RAM and storage of 64 GB to 256 GB.

There is some serious battle war going between the two successors has burnt down the space for any other device in the market. iPhone would definitely win the battle in this one because of its advanced and brilliant storage system but yet the question remains, as to people are more interested in storage or overall performance, find out with another piping point below. Storage has always been an issue when you have large documents and big Gallery filled with memories, so Galaxy S8 has tried to solve that problem by a super elaborate storage.


  1. Performance and software

Since the iPhone uses the same A11 Bionic app used in iPhone 8, people are pretty much satisfied already about the performance. Galaxy S8 uses Android 7.0 nougat while iPhone X has iOS 11 now that’s some serious difference between the two because talking about iPhone packed with such powerful operating system will definitely be a step ahead than S8. Though with Android nougat and Samsung skin, the functions are pretty neat yet not as superior as iPhone.

The New iPhone x is bubbling with advanced features such as new gesture for navigation and multitasking, it’s all amazingly magical if you own one of these you would know how advanced its performance can be. The similarity with another feature is that they both come along with a face-scanning tech though slightly different to some extent. Performance has always been top notch when major gadget players are concerned, but iPhone, in this case, will steal the show because it gives much more than an average Android user can imagine.


This is the part for selfie lovers and photographers who deeply rely on their cell phone cameras, well iPhone has always been at peak when cameras are concerned but galaxy S8 did try to give a tough competition with 8 megapixel front camera with flash whereas iPhone X gives 7 megapixel with flash. So be overjoyed who has already bought Galaxy S8, it’s never a bad deal.

Little difference is chipped in with iPhone X where they upgraded their 12 MP camera with a storage of 4k video shooting at around 60-1080 p slow motion video recording. Galaxy S8 in the other hand can is packed with similar kinds of features as iPhone. Its Brilliant and everybody loves it, it’s all in the sensors that gives portrait mode and density that can leave people speechless, no wonder photographers today has stated this iPhone camera to be one of the best as compared to DSLR because their professional work is all easy and handy when they have a grip on iPhone cameras.

  1. Battery life

Talking about Battery life, it’s a feature which has to be thoroughly tested because with the launch of Galaxy S8, Samsung has set the standards very high to beat. It’s super equipped and gives out wireless charging like iPhone yet Galaxy s8 is said to last 11 hours and 11 minutes one battery test of Toms guide. On other hand, iPhone is said to deliver 21 hours of battery life quoted with talk time and gives fast charging.

Everybody wants long-lasting batteries with wireless and wired charging and the comparison is hard if you want to exactly know which one among the two would be best at it. If you are out somewhere for longer than 10 hours and you want a device which will keep you connected without any hassle of wires and USB so just without giving a second thought switch to Galaxy S8 because it’s been tested and presented to the market for people to enjoy wireless charging.

  1. Special features

Now, this point won’t deal with the comparison because we are going to give you some striking special feature each one of these has. Starting from Galaxy S8 the S Pen has been an eye candy to people, it’s one of the best features in the note series, with the launch of Galaxy S8 Samsung has enhanced the already popped up stylus into a magic want. Where it has the capability to translate an entire passage of written text, it can turn a doodle into an animation or a GIF, and best among the rest with just one tap it allows you to jot down notes on the locked screen.

It has a lot more amazing features that you can imagine because it’s got an in-built Bixby assistance which actually turns your phone into your personal assistance also control all action with voice recognition. Now that’s definitely some cool stuff, getting down to iPhone X, it’s brilliant that it comes with a face-scanning system and also gives a way to the TrueDepth camera which doesn’t just click terrific pictures of you but also has the capability to turn a picture into animated emoji in text messages.

Core Extract

Half of the world’s population is a fan of Apple and iPhone advances in the art with which people are completely hooked with the quality and features it has to offer. Every single thing whether its camera or storage system, iPhone excel in all, and if you are looking to spend some insane amount of money for a device that fit amazingly inside your skin fit jeans, be my guest. The closure won’t be biased as Galaxy S8 took the market by storm where it has given so much to the user that they are stunned with its performance. Starting from the long-lasting more than 11-hour battery life to the magic wand named S Pen the galaxy note series launched a super hit successor which kept the promise of being one of the best in the market.


Is it still difficult to make the decision? Well, your decision largely depends on what you require, if you would take a suggestion from a college student or a businessman they would blindly suggest you Apple because of a trend with the brand absolutely no one can explain, yet if you would ask me, my choice will always go with Galaxy note S8 and it is amazingly functional with some of the really refined features most similar to iPhone X.

Everyone deserves the best of everything and so do you. Especially if you will be paying a good amount, you deserve to have all the information you need to make an informed decision. So, before you dip your hands in your wallet, hope this post helped you know better what you need in terms of your new gadget toy.

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