You may have come accross some viral posts on Facebook which are having a huge number of like, say in thousands. Have you ever stopped and give it a thought as to how come these posts have so many likes and are these even real? 

Most of the times these posts turn out to be fake. In today’s digital world, followers and likes can be bought online by paying a very minimum amount of money. These followers and likes are provided by click farms. The businesses hire a click farm to sell them the likes and followers.  With this, they try to boost their exposure and sales. 

Many people have opened such click farms as the demand for likes have increased on social media platforms. 

Click Farms

The “click farm” is still unknown to many people. To say it in simple words, it is an operation that is run by individuals to boost the image of the website of the client. These individuals falsely promote the product of their client in return for some money. These activities can take place for any platform. Among them the famous ones is Instagram and Facebook.

By hearing the term click farm, many of you may think that it is a very sophisticated process. As a matter of fact, this is a very basic and low tech process. The sizes of farms can vary from a single person setup to a large space filled with computers and phones which are being operated by a number of people.

Why Do Businesses Hire A Click Farm?

One of the primary reasons why they hire a click farm is to boost the exposure of their services and product. Sometimes, some new business launches a product and they want to share it on a social media platform. Since they are new, they will not have a good account on social media and neither a good number of followers. Hence, to increase their exposure and to give themselves some boost, they buy shares and likes form these click farms. 

Apart from this, another reason for this is because they are very cheap. Many businesses run marketing campaigns on social media platforms to improve their number of followers. Some businesses are successful, while others are not. So, those who are unsuccessful, they think that they can spend their money elsewhere to increase their followers.   

With the help of fake followers and likes, which costs only few dollars, they are able to achieve their goal. Many businesses are abandoning marketing campaigns as they cost more money. Rather, they hiring click farms to do their job. This saves them a lot of money.  

These click farms are also capable of providing fast results. This is a great advantage for business owners. Why will they want to wait when they can hire a click farm and get the likes faster. Organic likes are better, but in the long term, no one will be able to tell the difference.

Is Click Farm Legal?

These click farms are not at all legal. Click farms are the business where a number of unethical practices are taking place. They pay their employees very little so that the owners can keep most of their income. The working conditions in these places are not at all healthy. Here, the employees are made to work in dark places for a longer period of time. You can say that these click farms are the new child labour camps where they are leaving comments and liking Facebook statuses.

By seeing the way they treat their employees, you can very easily answer the question “is click farm legal?” yourself. If you do a little researche online, you will be able to know that there have been many raids over the past few years in these establishments. The police have seized thousands of phones from these click farms. 

The person who was found running these click farms, the police have confiscated their phones so that they cannot carry on these processes.

Beware Of Click Farms

There are hundreds of click farms out there, and many of them are operating under the radar. But, you do not know when they will get caught. So, you should avoid using click farms. A lot of these click farms specialize in Twitter and Facebook followers. You can get a good result if you hire a click farm. However, you should always work to get likes and generate followers. 

For well-established businesss, if you are not getting results on something, then you should not feel disheartened. You should check for what is wrong, correct it, and you can definitely get good results. 

There are some click farms whose main target is the ads of pay per click. They are hired to click on these PPC ads located on their site. With this, they can make a huge amount of money from the ad budget of yours. And You will not be able to realize that they are doing so.

You can protect yourself on all the Google searches and display the ads with the help of PPC Protect. You have to install this software and you can relax as it will protect your website from such activities.  


I hope that after reading this article you are not having questions like “Should I hire a click farm?” If not, then you are in the correct path, You should always keep away from such frauds. Involving in these matters can destroy your well-established business. For those who are starting new, their website can get put down before they even start. So, stay cautious of such click farms and never hire one.