iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro are the latest outings from Apple. These devices have received a considerable upgrade from the last year’s iPhone X. It has a new and bigger battery, the latest A13 Bionic chip, and a new camera system. With all these new features, this is a must-have device.

However, after you have purchased the device you have to know about all of its features to utilize it fully. Hence, in this article, I will be telling you about some of the interesting features of these phones which you will really enjoy. 

iPhone 11 And iPhone 11 Pro Specifications And Features

Here are all the features which you will get from these two spectacular gadgets.

Phone Security

Phones are one of the valuable things we have. They are small and can be easily stolen. For that, you keep your phones safe within a bag or any other method you obtain. But, the theft of your phone can still happen. However, you can still save your data. 

These phones have a huge security system that will prevent your data from falling into wrong hands. Go to the “Settings”, and then select the “Face ID & Passcode” option. In this option, you can set Face ID to unlock your phone. Then, within the option of “Display & Brightness”, you can set the “Auto-Lock” for 30 seconds.

There is also an option of “Erase Data”. By turning it on, you will set the device to erase all of your data if there are more than 10 failed attempts of your password. You can also use the new app called the Find My app. This app will help you to track your lost phone with the help of location. This is one of the most useful iPhone 11 pro specifications of all.  

Night Photography

After the serious issue of security, lets now see something fun. With the latest model of iPhones, Apple have really improved the low-light capabilities. Using this night mode is very easy, and is almost like using the normal camera.

The night mode gets activated automatically in low light conditions. This activation of night mode is indicated by the moon icon. You can also turn it on manually in gloomy conditions by clicking the moon icon. When this mode is on, it will show you that for how much time you have to hold the phone steady to take the shot perfectly. 

If you are clicking gig shots or city shots, it will take only a few seconds. This mode works best on static objects. 

The New App For Camera 

In the earlier models of the iPhone, it was quite a hectic job to switch between videos and photos. But, with these new models, Apple have made this process very easy. In the camera app, all you need to do to switch from camera to video recorder is by holding down the shutter button. This will start recording the video. And to stop recording, all you have to do is to let go of the shutter button. This feature is called “Quick Take”, as named by Apple. 

However, if you dont want to keep holding the shutter button for long, but still want to record the video, then all you have to do is to drag the shutter button to the right. By doing this, you will also get an additional option of a still shutter. With this, you will be able to take burst photos.

Ultra-Wide Lens

The ultra-wide lens is one of the impressive iPhone 11 Pro specifications. With this lens, you will be able to capture four times more area within a picture. This feature will work better in capturing landscapes. Also, when you have many people but do not have enough space to back up, then it will come in handy.


If you are a selfie lover, then the new iPhone will definitely impress you. Using the True Depth front camera, you will be able to record at 120fps. This will enable you to take, what Apple is calling ‘slofies’. 

The portrait mode is able to put a high-key mono effect on the still selfies. This will help you to get studio level pictures without having an actual studio. The main source for this kind of photo is the triple camera set up of the iPhone 11 pro. Due to this, it is very capable of clicking pictures in portrait mode. This camera is the best in the market and also one of the impressive iPhone 11 pro specifications.   

 Improved Apps

Most of the time, when Apple updates iOS, the apps see an improvement. Like, the new apps for the Photos offer a thorough and smart editing functionality. All of this is possible is due to the new A13 Bionic chip. 

The reminder has also seen a huge improvement. It has opted for the method of scheduling and speed while abandoning the old card method. Safari has also improved. 

Watching Movies

The iphone will never replace television and its quality of the sound system. Having said that, an iPhone can take you closer to the experience. In addition, the Dolby Atmos audio system of Apple is capable of providing a surround like experience.

If you are having an iPhone 11 Pro, then you will have an even better experience as its display is optimized for watching movies. At the time of watching Dolby Vision and HDR10 movies, the brightness of the screen can reach up to 1200 nits, which is quite impressive.        


The iPhone11 price in India is Rs 64,000, and the iPhone 11 Pro price in India is Rs 99,900.  


These iPhone 11 And iPhone 11 Pro Specifications are the best features of the iPhone and also the best as compared to any phones out there. Using these features you can do some amazing things. These new iPhones have seen some interesting features, and also a great security system. With all these features, iPhone 11 and 11 Pro is a great overall package for a phone.