Technology is becoming an intrinsic part of every aspect of human life. With the intervention of technology, every industry is going through a radical change, including translation.

This transition changed the way we used to communicate. Since language is the key to interactions, we can’t compromise with it.

Regardless of where we are and what we are doing, we need language. But learning all the languages is next to impossible. That’s why we look up to translation.

However, the essence of translation lies in the human touch. Therefore, whether technology is killing the language or opening a new gate, is an old issue.

Technology has made the instant analysis of a tremendous amount of data possible to provide us our answers in our native tongue. It allowed us in translation from any language at any time. We probably couldn’t even imagine ourselves, asking for help in some unknown language. Well, the new innovations made it happen.

If you are trying to explore the gifts of translation technology, then this post will enlighten you. Let’s take a look at the things translation technology is offering.

Erase The Gaps With Translation Management System

Translation management systems are programs for supporting complex translation tasks. This valuable resource helps the users in the automation of the translation process.

Accordingly, this system manages workflow, translation memory as well as terminology. Translation Management System is way more reliable than the alternative methods. Manual file transfer is time-consuming and enhances the possibility of errors.

This integrated machine translation managed to mend the gap between languages.

Centralized Language Assets

Languages are real assets since they hold the key to communication. The new way to harness the power of translation is a centralized and localized program.

A centralized program can eradicate the constraints of translation. This system offers easy management of translation memories, glossaries, and style-guides.  Once the content is localized and centralized, you can hold the results to save time and money in the future.

Augmented Translation With CAT Tools

CAT tools or Computer Aided Translation tools are the new solutions as well as an essential kit for creating a language asset.

CAT Tools

These tools divide the content into segments and present in the most convenient way. Also, the translations are saved together with the source-text. The most wonderful thing about CAT tools is its translation memory which can be re-used for some other text.

Further, the terminology database, spell, and grammar checker makes these tools reliable.

Quality Assurance Tools: No More Compromisation

The most common allegation against translation tools is they compromise with the quality. The essence of the content fades away while translating.

Now we can find quality assurance tools which ensure the translation is up to the mark. This software does quality management in translation along with risk management.

Therefore, translation became flawless with the new inventions.

Machine Translation: Overcoming The Human Limitations

The escalating growth and necessity of going global have increased the demand for translation. Machine translation is the answer for this growing need.

Machine translation software translates a large volume of content instantly. The content goes through several procedures of verification. This successfully overcame the constraints of human translation.

The best part is, MT is undeniably affordable and free from errors. Besides, it uses statistical techniques for improving accuracy.

Translation-Based Apps

Although translation-based apps can never replace human conversion, yet they have opened the gate of the future to us.

These apps can be your guide in a different place as well as a teacher while learning a new language. Basically, it’s like carrying your translator in your pocket. These apps are available for all the operating systems.

Additionally, these apps can be used to translate the contents of social media. So, you can enjoy everything in your own language with technology. It’s like the translation on the go.

E-learning Courses

A few years back, nobody would have thought of learning a new language over the internet. However, now you can avail language courses online, anywhere.

These courses include guidance with visual effects. Therefore, it creates a better impact on our sensory memory and helps us to learn quickly. These courses not only saves time but are also cost-efficient.

Translation Technology In Entertainment

Movies and music videos are no longer restricted to a specific region. We often rely on subtitles and dubbings while watching movies from different countries.

Technology has changed the way these translations were done. Nowadays, everything is automated and machine-dependent. Voice-overs are done with the help of software. Data tracking and management tools made it easier as well as cheaper.

These dubbings and subtitles are significantly reliable. Several quality-checker software ensures the accuracy and validity of the translation.

Captioning And Video Translation

Captioning and subtitling are now necessary for every video. Videos are a powerful medium for learning as well as delivering any message.

Captioning And Video Translation

Technological changes are teaching us to act globally now. As more people utilize videos for different purposes, the need to have them translated into different languages is increasing as well.

According to the latest statistical reports, 70% of the YouTube users are not Americans. Also, the majority of them are not comfortable with English. Therefore, if we want our voice to be heard by all these people, we need to approach them in their own language. Here lies the beauty of translation. Translation technology made this intensification possible.

The Future Of Translation

Starting from social media to online meetings, translation technology has mended the gap between languages. Now you can read a book or watch a movie in a foreign language, without any interruption.

Further, be it social media or online shopping sites, translation technology erased the barriers of languages. Now you can learn a new language along with visual effects with the help of translation apps.

Technology has opened the gate for a better future. Although the debate about whether technology is crippling us or leading us to a new tomorrow will always be there. Yet changes are inevitable. Thus, the wiser thing to do is to embrace the changes.