Even though, corporate entities and big e-commerce giants are expanding their business globally. But there is something that lacks the growth of the expansion. Due to this globalization, companies are encountering an entirely new form of international market.

To cope up with this overseas market, communication has become the vital factor for the companies. Soon, the need for a better translation software has come to play.

There are a lot more in the digital translation, then throwing some words in the Google Translator. Depending on the growing demand of the organizations, translation technologies are reaching its pick point.

Furthermore, according to the nature of work, the need for translation and adaptation of new technology can be innumerable, and undependable indeed.

Starting from translating a website copy accurately to reworking applications and adjusting the software can be more intimidating. But the concerning matter is, how to sort all thing in one place?

Well, the first thing that should strike into the mind, hiring an agency to deal with all. Nevertheless, it might not be necessary to some extent. Thanks to advanced technology and localization services, available in a various online platform, through clouds.

So, here are we present to you, the best in the market. Specially designed for all starting from the individual freelancer to the corporate giants, without leaving the entities falling in between.

1. GlobalLink

GlobalLink is must for the organization to break the international barrier. It helps localization of software and website and also provide professional translation services.

The service pack offers a vast number of applications to bridge the localization obstacles. Each one of the application can perform individually, even as an essential part of the Global Management Service. To drive efficiency into the brands looking to expand globally.


The apps include IT software to manage and launch multilingual websites as well as a platform to provide personalized work experience. Multi-Vendor management, translation memory solution and a review portal. It also offers a web-based management tool for translation to manage, modify and review and delete the existing terms.

In case any company is looking for global expansion with potential growth rate, then this app can lead your path.  Also, it offers plenty of services which makes it even worthy.

2. Paraphrase (Audio And Text Translation)

This application focuses on straight translation instead of localization of tools. It uses an advanced technology to translate professionally into 57 different languages.

The apps secure file translation tool offers a batch upload feature and also translating multiple files at one go. It can also process 24 different file types including powerpoint, excel InDesign and also scanned copies.

If you want to upload a small bunch of text, then the translation wizard tool allows the user to upload the same without actually removing the existing files in the application. Also allows you to store the output in the organization’s translation bank.

Another notable function, you can get an audio translation of any uploaded documents or script in 18 different languages. You can convert the translated files in an MP3 version and WAV files. Also, it allows team collaboration which means, real-time translation no matter where they are.

3. Text United (Easy To Use)

The entire application is based on the cloud platform. That means you can translate and localize your file using a cloud platform. It brings the outsourced and in-house professional translators, makes it authenticate from the agencies providing the same service. The application provides consistency and quality translation solution over the languages.

It provides multiple faceted technologies for a team to work on the same project at the same time. While in the process, you can also edit and translate the entire conversation. The feature ranges from necessary text translation to localization of the software.

Text United

Speaking about the user interface, it is bright and clean and less complicated. Which means, you can focus on the project directly from the beginning rather than spending time understanding the software itself. Another key point, it is well connected to the dropbox, Bitbucket, Github, SharePoint, and Outlook. So you can upload your work directly to the cloud platform.

Most of the notable feature you can enjoy even in the basic plan of the application. That includes overlay editor, translation memory, Terminology management and also machine translation. Moreover, you can have complete SEO support in multiple languages. While other features like API support, data migration and platform integration that come along with a higher range of application plan.

4. Phrase App (Localization Specialist)

The application focuses on sizeable software and service localization. It offers the organization, to work closely with the translators in a simple, quick and in a very transparent way.

This platform is managed by API driven software, which gathers the data from the source code and also let it available for localization through an online edit.

You can trace your entire translation process by merely looking at the easy to use dashboard at a glance. You can take a track of the activities. The text that needs proofreading, new task missing translations for instance with just a couple of clicks.

Even if you are not in the dashboard, still you can track the new translations through integrated messengers like slack. Also, you get the notification as an email update and in-app notification.

Additionally, the app is featured by adjusting translations. That can identify the text resources contain in a word file to fix the same in multiple areas.

5. Lionbridge Translation Workspace (An App For All)

This Translation Software offers a comprehensive range tool to provide assistance for large-scale translations and localization of software. The platform is suitable for all starting from freelance individual large enterprises.

Lionbridge Translation

The software comes loaded with online live interfaces, with uncountable collaboration tools. That allows the users, to review and comment on the project. The service also helps you collaborate with other service providers and subscribers. It also allows you to audit whatever is going on in the platform.

Final Thought

So these are the Translation Software you can use to control manage your business overseas. Some of these applications have the paid version as well. If you are willing to handle the business with advanced technology, then you can do it with the premium version of the software.