A blog is very important and it is used to share information with the readers. However to write a good blog you have to know in what format will your subject fit properly. In order to know the best type of blog which will attract your reader, first of all, you need to have a good understanding of your readers. Only then you can decide what kind of blog is the most appropriate. 

In this article, I will be discussing some of the popular blog post ideas. You can use anyone you like as per your requirement.

 Best Blog Post Ideas

Not all readers are the same. You have to make a group of readers who share a similar interest and then, accordingly plan the blog you are presenting to them. Here are some of the best blog post ideas:

1. How-To Guides And Tutorials

There is always a requirement for a how-to in our daily life. These kinds of guides are very easy as they are about the product or the services you are providing. Many of your users may be new to your site and they do not know how to use some particular product or service of yours. This kind of guide will be a lot of help to them.

2. Current Events

The latest events are the most interesting news subject that all of us like to talk about. This a very simple and one of the best blog post ideas. You have to know about the interest of your readers, and then you have to write about the related current events. 

The latest news can be ranging from politics to the latest Marvel movies. One of the benefits of writing current events is that people will be already looking for them and other’s opinions on that topic. This will make your blog easy to find and if they like your opinion, then your blog can go viral.    

3. Controversial Topics

Writing controversial topics can be fun. But, you have to be careful and wise while writing such topics. These kinds of topics most of the time are newsworthy. You will be able to find controversial topics if you carefully follow the local news. Among these topics, you have to choose the topic which interests you the most. And then you can give your opinion on that subject.   

You have to make sure that you use the keywords related to the topic you are writing. Since the controversies can be very sensitive, you have to select your words carefully. If you do not take caution with the words, it can put a negative effect on your blog. People will hate your blog and it will perform poorly. 

4. Writing FAQs

If you are getting asked a lot of questions, then you should consider noting them down and answering them. Even if you are not asked many questions, then you should find the most asked questions and answer them if your blog. These have to be the questions that are related to your product or services that you are offering. 

When the readers will see that you are answering the questions they will know that you care about them. As a result, they will follow your blog more closely. Hence, it is one of the best blog post ideas out there.

5. Listicles

The blogs which offer lists of things are always shared the most. You write this kind of blog on about anything. For example, you can make a list of your favorite places to visit, favorite books to read this year, etc. There are endless topics on which you can write. 

6. Analyze A Video Or Some Other Content

You can analyze an already famous video or some other content and give your analysis on it. This is one of the unique blog ideas you can use. You can look up some popular videos related to your field of business and then write a detailed discussion on that topic.

YouTube is one of the great sources for getting videos. It has a wide variety of videos and you will not have any difficulty in finding the right video for you.

7. Telling Stories

Stories have a very good ability to keep the audiance intrigued. You can use stories in your blog to make it more interesting. The stories you can tell could be about some incident with you in your childhood, or something you have heard before. It can be anything, but it also has to be relevant to the blog.

This is one of the unique blog ideas which have great potential if used correctly. Correct incorporation of this method will give a boost to your traffic and the engagement with your audiance. 

8. Polls And Surveys

These are basically quizzes. However, its benefit is for you taher than your readers. You can host these surveys to get an idea about what your users think about your product, services, blogs, and many other things. This is one of the unique blog ideas by which you can really gain knowledge about other things related to your business. 


The ideas discussed in the article are among the best blog post ideas which you can use for your next blog. All of these will help you to bring you more traffic and will increase the number of subscribers. So, use them appropriately and you will be able to get a positive outcome from it.