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Every Online Startup Should Learn These Tactics for Your Website


Starting a business is not a daunting task and I am saying this form my experiences. If you are currently creating your own start-up, then I would honor your effort and skills.

There is a long way to go and it is because you are just starting up but if you choose and start with the right establishment then the road of achievement will be fruitful along the way.

Let’s suppose, that you have just launched your start-up and focussing on to bring high returns, then you are simply avoiding the basics of the foundation. You have to start with break-through marketing strategies or else you will fall behind your competitors who are having an inline platform with a well-designed and optimized website.

To create an impact on the market and be as efficient as possible, you strategies should be created beforehand, so that you can implement those strategies while building your business.

Following the road step by step would help you to create a successful and money-driven start-up. Implementing most of the modern tactics and strategies before you launch your company would be very beneficial for you.

Some of the start-ups start with useful strategies but after a while of their start-up, they realize that all of them are not working out. This is quite possible because the technique you think is trending can be dominated by other cutting edge strategies. So you must have the knowledge of different marketing channels and strategies so that you could raise the visibility of your website in the search engines for your targeted audiences.

After going through a bunch of marketing expert’s blogs, podcasts and videos we have gathered a few solid strategies that could help your start-up proliferate in little time.

Every Online Startup Should Learn These Tactics for your Website

 Your chosen marketing strategy for your business can really make a difference if you know how to make and implement it in the right way. Marketing has changed rapidly in the past 3 years than in the previous 40 years. And that’s the reason you have to give time to learn and get accustomed to these tricks and tips and one day you will be able to come with impressive outputs.

  • Investing in Web design

Thousands of businesses still are sure about web design as a marketing tactic. Your website is the only platform that will draw traffic and help keep your visitors for a longer time on your site.

The website you own is the center of all your digital marketing struggles, so it is a must to keep it simple, easy to go through and impressing.

Your site is the face of your brand and most of the people will judge by the first appearance of your site. The first impression your site creates, can either keep your audiences and help them learn more about your products/services or they can also leave and turn to one of your competitor sites.

A good website can reach and bring in new customers, increase brand awareness and make you aware of your audiences.

  • Recognize your targets

Before wasting your resources on unwanted stuff you have to decide who are going to be your customers. New businesses often make the same mistake and think their brand or products are for everyone, but that is wrong. Every business should segment its target audience to identify the best market and its potential.

What you can do is start widely and then restrict it to specific regions or targeted customers.

For example, suppose you are selling Sports Clothing which is divided into men and women. You can be more specific by targeting people that will only wear sportswear or are related to specific kinds of sports like cricket, football or tennis maybe. 

You can create a customer persona for a unique type of customer and limit down your target marketing. And it will be easier to reach a specific group of customers and make your brand look impressive and valuable.

  • Do not avoid market research

Once you have identified your target market, it is time to conduct proper market research. Before you start working and implementing different marketing strategies, you have to know whether the customers you are targetting actually like what you are offering.

One of the top reasons start-ups fail is due to no or very less market need for their product or services. That’s why I earlier said to now waste resources on unwanted marketing strategies.

Before expanding your business or services you must learn if it is helping the lives of your targeted audience by conducting interviews and getting their feedback.

You cannot make every product unique, sometimes people come up with modern improvements with existing products so you need to find out how companies are comparing to other existing similar products or services in the market.

  • Monitor your competitors

One of the most important steps for start-ups is to understand the potential of your competitors.

There is wrong information in the market that Start-ups are always unique, but that is partly true.

It always turns out that the product you are offering is similar to other products available in the market.

Analyzing your competition is very crucial. Go through their marketing campaigns and how they are reaching towards customers. You can use SWOT analysis when it comes to measuring your competition.

Using this virtual SWOT analysis tool can help you know more about your competitor target and its strategy. If you witness any mistakes in their strategy you can avoid those when you are making your own strategies. And their strategies is working out, it will also work out for you.

5. Search Engine Optimization and Marketing

SEO and search engine marketing are a very crucial part to take your start-up higher on the search engine results. You will be surprised to know that more than 93 % of all online experiences start with a search engine.

SEO comes with 2 important halves, and that is OnPage and OffPage SEO.

OnPage SEO directly deals with how to improve the elements of your website so that you can skyrocket your rank and the elements include page titles, Meta tags, Body tags (H1, H2, H3, H4), URL structure, image optimization, Internal linking and there are many other elements.

On the other hand, OffPage SEO deals indirectly with the optimization process and helps to rank your site better with different factors such as Link building, social media management, and outreach, trust-building, forum submissions, blogs commenting and guest post submissions, article submissions, and the list go on.

 6. Create your content distribution lists

You will have to make sure that you are completely ready to start implementing your new ad campaigns. But before that, you have to sort out platforms to promote your business. You can start sharing your company profiles on different social media channels to increase outreach. Your main focus is to drive more traffic to your website and get the right visitors to convert into sales.

You should create your business profiles on different many social media channels









 And there are many other social media apps on the list that you could add on your list at your convenience. You need to establish your presence on these and it is crucially important if you want to market your brand within a tight budget.

Soar Up your startup with our Ideas

If you are establishing your own start-up and if you have read the article on why Every online startup should learn these tactics for their website, you must know the importance of SEO in your website. SEO is crucial while making your website and also very important to maintain your site under the guidance of SEO.

I hope you have liked the information provided in the article.

Mobile App Design Trends 2019 You Should Look For


The landscape of mobile development is evolving very fast. With this development, many new trends are emerging. Among all these changes, the consumers are gaining the benefit, as they are becoming aware of all the latest technologies. 

The users are able to leverage the benefits in their related business due to the huge popularity of mobile applications. For reaching out to the business promotion people, a dedicated mobile application is the best way to go. These application gives the businesses a direct way of communication with their customers. 

Due to this demand for mobile applications, many app development companies have achieved success over a very short period of time. However, there are trends you must keep in mind before developing an application. 

Best Trends In Mobile Design 2019

So, let’s see what are the best trends you should consider before developing a mobile application. These trends will help you to make your app more appealing to the businesses..

1. Wearables

The wearables play a major role in the life of the millenials. With the growth in the health consciousness among them, it has become even more important. These wearables tell them about the number of steps they have walked, the number of calories they have burnt, their heart rate and many other things like that.

Not only the millennials but older people are also getting into health management. And with the passing time, it will only increase. Hence, making an app for wearables is not a bad idea. It is one of the current trends in mobile out there. 

2. Digital Wallets

In recent days, the use of digital wallet have increased considerably. Nowadays, almost all retail shops have the ability to accept payment through digital wallets. The users are also using such apps to a great extent. This makes the payment of money easier. People are now accepting cashless transactions. 

Another reason for the popularity is because by using the online wallets, the money is staying safe in the account. There is no danger of losing your money when your physical wallet gets stolen. These features make it one of the best mobile app design trends 2019. 

3. Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

There have been a huge shift in the technologies used in mobile apps due to the incorporation of ML and AI. Both ML and AI are connected. This is because both of them are a subset of AI. 

Many exceptional apps have been developed by using AI and ML, eg. Dango and Pokemon go. These two have helped the companies to take a better approach in targetting customers. These are slowly becoming trends in mobile these days 

4. Blockchain

Mobile development companies are creating innovating ideas in the service industry with the help of Blockchain. For this reason, Blockchain is growing at a steady rate. This is indicating that the decentralized currency platforms are being replaced by mobile applications.   

5. Demand Of The On-Demand Apps

The number of on-demand have increased over the past few years. So, now more and more companies are expected to introduce an on-demand app. And more apps are coming out daily. There are many on-demand at this moment, and it will increase further in the future. This makes it one of the best mobile app design trends 2019 that you should consider.

6. Chatbots

Chatbots are slowly taking over the communication part of the mobile apps. This is because of the need for having real-time interaction with the customers. You have to know that these chatbots are used to bypass human-to-human conversation in many aspects. 

The profit most of the reputable companies are making is partly due to customer interactions. People tend to leave the mobile app after a time. Chatbots are the ones who take care of this problem for the companies. These companies are also using innovative chatbot application to outsmart each other. 

7. Apps Used For Personal Services

Personal apps are the latest trends in mobile and are growing every day and will keep growing in the future. The users are now looking for apps with which they can have experience whenever they interact with them. This kind of apps serves the users as per their requirements. All the streaming platforms are a good example of personal service apps. 

8. IoT

IoT is already making its way to the operations for many of the major industries in the market. In 2019, it will increase even further. IoT will be opted by more and more e-commerce and education sites. 

Its capability of interlinking various aspect of the organization have made it popular. With IoT, the members of the organizations are able to get faster access to data of the organization. Hence, this becomes one of the best mobile app design trends 2019. 

9. Cloud Storage

As you have understood by now that the number of mobile apps will increase drastically in the near future. However, with all these apps, people will face storage problems. To resolve this problem cloud storage is the best option. Hence, its demand will also increase. 

In addition, you will be able to accumulate all of your data in one place by using clod storage. The management will become easy and the security will also become good. Reportedly, it is assumed that the companies which are cloud-based, will see huge growth in their profit.


All the discussed trends are the top trends in mobile. By picking any design trend, you are bound to get a good result from it. So, select the one you are interested in and start working on that mobile application.      

Important Features You Need To Know About The iPhone 11 and 11 Pro


iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro are the latest outings from Apple. These devices have received a considerable upgrade from the last year’s iPhone X. It has a new and bigger battery, the latest A13 Bionic chip, and a new camera system. With all these new features, this is a must-have device.

However, after you have purchased the device you have to know about all of its features to utilize it fully. Hence, in this article, I will be telling you about some of the interesting features of these phones which you will really enjoy. 

iPhone 11 And iPhone 11 Pro Specifications And Features

Here are all the features which you will get from these two spectacular gadgets.

Phone Security

Phones are one of the valuable things we have. They are small and can be easily stolen. For that, you keep your phones safe within a bag or any other method you obtain. But, the theft of your phone can still happen. However, you can still save your data. 

These phones have a huge security system that will prevent your data from falling into wrong hands. Go to the “Settings”, and then select the “Face ID & Passcode” option. In this option, you can set Face ID to unlock your phone. Then, within the option of “Display & Brightness”, you can set the “Auto-Lock” for 30 seconds.

There is also an option of “Erase Data”. By turning it on, you will set the device to erase all of your data if there are more than 10 failed attempts of your password. You can also use the new app called the Find My app. This app will help you to track your lost phone with the help of location. This is one of the most useful iPhone 11 pro specifications of all.  

Night Photography

After the serious issue of security, lets now see something fun. With the latest model of iPhones, Apple have really improved the low-light capabilities. Using this night mode is very easy, and is almost like using the normal camera.

The night mode gets activated automatically in low light conditions. This activation of night mode is indicated by the moon icon. You can also turn it on manually in gloomy conditions by clicking the moon icon. When this mode is on, it will show you that for how much time you have to hold the phone steady to take the shot perfectly. 

If you are clicking gig shots or city shots, it will take only a few seconds. This mode works best on static objects. 

The New App For Camera 

In the earlier models of the iPhone, it was quite a hectic job to switch between videos and photos. But, with these new models, Apple have made this process very easy. In the camera app, all you need to do to switch from camera to video recorder is by holding down the shutter button. This will start recording the video. And to stop recording, all you have to do is to let go of the shutter button. This feature is called “Quick Take”, as named by Apple. 

However, if you dont want to keep holding the shutter button for long, but still want to record the video, then all you have to do is to drag the shutter button to the right. By doing this, you will also get an additional option of a still shutter. With this, you will be able to take burst photos.

Ultra-Wide Lens

The ultra-wide lens is one of the impressive iPhone 11 Pro specifications. With this lens, you will be able to capture four times more area within a picture. This feature will work better in capturing landscapes. Also, when you have many people but do not have enough space to back up, then it will come in handy.


If you are a selfie lover, then the new iPhone will definitely impress you. Using the True Depth front camera, you will be able to record at 120fps. This will enable you to take, what Apple is calling ‘slofies’. 

The portrait mode is able to put a high-key mono effect on the still selfies. This will help you to get studio level pictures without having an actual studio. The main source for this kind of photo is the triple camera set up of the iPhone 11 pro. Due to this, it is very capable of clicking pictures in portrait mode. This camera is the best in the market and also one of the impressive iPhone 11 pro specifications.   

 Improved Apps

Most of the time, when Apple updates iOS, the apps see an improvement. Like, the new apps for the Photos offer a thorough and smart editing functionality. All of this is possible is due to the new A13 Bionic chip. 

The reminder has also seen a huge improvement. It has opted for the method of scheduling and speed while abandoning the old card method. Safari has also improved. 

Watching Movies

The iphone will never replace television and its quality of the sound system. Having said that, an iPhone can take you closer to the experience. In addition, the Dolby Atmos audio system of Apple is capable of providing a surround like experience.

If you are having an iPhone 11 Pro, then you will have an even better experience as its display is optimized for watching movies. At the time of watching Dolby Vision and HDR10 movies, the brightness of the screen can reach up to 1200 nits, which is quite impressive.        


The iPhone11 price in India is Rs 64,000, and the iPhone 11 Pro price in India is Rs 99,900.  


These iPhone 11 And iPhone 11 Pro Specifications are the best features of the iPhone and also the best as compared to any phones out there. Using these features you can do some amazing things. These new iPhones have seen some interesting features, and also a great security system. With all these features, iPhone 11 and 11 Pro is a great overall package for a phone.

Shopify SEO: A Brief Discussion


Shopify is a good e-commerce platform, on which you can build your website. It has all the features which will help you successfully create a good website. But, after you have created your website, you have to optimize it so that you can bring in potential customers. 

With the help of SEO, you will be able to make all the necessary optimization so that the customers are able to find your site easily. In this article, I will discuss some of the SEO tips which you can use in your Shopify store. 

Top SEO For Shopify

These tips are the best tips which you can definitely use on your Shopify site

Optimizing The Structure Of The Shopify Website

For making your SEO successful, the way your content is organized is very crucial. This ensures that the customers are able to find the product they are looking for without any trouble. When they are easily able to find the things they are looking for, they will spend more time on your site. This will boost your ranking for the search engine. 

You can make your site easy to navigate by making the structure simple. You must not overdo categories and subcategories and try to keep it simple. A simpler structure will also make the crawling easy for the search engines. This has proven to be an effective Shopify SEO.

Optimize The User Experience

User experience is another important thing for Shopify SEO. This ensures that the users have a smooth experience with the website. The better the user experience, the more the users will spend time on your website. All these factors will result in a higher ranking in the search results. Here are the ways you can improve your user experience. 

Optimize The Speed

When the speed of the website will be more, then it will be easier to navigate your site. This will cause less frustration to the users. And with less frustration, they will be willing to spend more time on your website.

You can improve the speed by some of the given ways:

  1. Using optimized and smaller images.
  2. Do not use sliders.
  3. Use the themes which are fast and mobile-friendly.
  4. Remove any apps you are not using.

Responsive Design

A responsive design will make your store on Shopify look great on multiple devices, like smartphones, tablets, and desktop. It will also help you make your store’s user experience better. And with better user experience, the users will stay for a longer duration of time in your store. 

This will also help you increase the ranking of your page because Google also looks at the time-on-page to evaluate the value of the site. Also, when your site will rank higher, then more users will visit your site.

It is very important that your store works properly on mobile devices. This is because the number of mobile users is increasing every day. Responsive design is one of the best SEO for Shopify and it not only benefits you but also your users.  

Find The Most Effective Keywords

Keywords play a very important part in the success of an SEO process. But, the keywords you will use have to the correct ones, otherwise, it will have no effect on your content. Wrong keywords will not be able to drive any traffic to your store. 

The most effective way to start in not bay using any fancy tools. You can start by noting down about five of the topic which your users are interested in. Then you can do research on those topics and find the most effective keywords for your Shopify SEO process.  

If you want to get some inspiration for your keywords, then you can get it from the following places:

  1. The hashtags on social media. 
  2. From the image alt-text, meta descriptions, and the titles which are being used on the sites of your competitors. 
  3. The buyer personas. 

Shopify Meta Description

The short bit of text which is seen in the search engine results at the end of the title tag is called a meta description. This can be set for blog posts in Shopify, collection pages, product pages, and webpages. It is best to use a meta description that is unique, and also in a direct and plain language. If your meta description is good, it will attract more users.

You can set the Shopify meta description and title tag by going to the Shopify admin page. From there, you have to enter the “Online Store, and then go to the “Preferences”. Here, you have to enter the Shopify meta description which you want to use for your store. After you have written the meta description, then click “Save”.    

Putting the Shopify meta descriptions in your store will help you to get more traffic and eventually more conversion.    

Link Building For Your Store

Search engines evaluate the value of your site by seeing how much backlinks your site is getting. You can see them as the word of the mount for the SEOs. This is an off-page SEO for Shopify which depends on building the trustworthiness and credibility for your site. 

You can get the links for your store by following the given tips:

  1. Supplier Links- If you are selling products that are made by well-known companies, then you can ask if they have a policy where they will give links to authorized retailers.  
  2. Mentions- Your store may have been mentioned in many places, but they may not have linked them to your site. You can find these mentions of your store and then send emails to the owners of these contents and ask them to link the mentions to your store. 
  3. Broken Links- For this, you will need to work a little harder to find these broken links. After you have discovered these broken links, you can let the owner know of this and ask them to link you back. Broken links have a very bad effect on SEO. Hence this will be a mutually beneficial process. 


All the above discussed Shopify SEOs are among the best ones. So you can definitely consider them if you are building your new store on Shopify. If you have already opened a store and not seeing good results, then also you can try these SEO tips.     

6 Benefits of Self-Service Marketing


Through the course of time, the concept of customer service has changed a lot. Companies are now focusing more on personalized and customized marketing services. Now the most successful distributors around the world know that local marketing is a very necessary part of the global marketing strategy. 

As we are taking great leaps toward the future so, with the help of technological advantages and a more desire for time savings, people tend to go for efficient buying opportunities. 

So you can say that the concept of self-marketing is very beneficial. And that is why we are going to discuss today in this article that how self-service marketing can be beneficiary to you and how it can help you to reach your marketing targets. 

But before directly going into the main discussion of ur topic let me first give you a brief introduction about self -service marketing. 

Self-Service Marketing

In simple terms, it can be said that self-service means that the customers have to complete at least one task by themselves according to their choice and preference. Every big and small organization provides some self-service options to its customers. 

A self-service allows the customer to customize any product they are buying according to their preference. Self-service can be a really helpful option for the customers and can also improve brand experience. 

That is why now most of the organizations are following this trend of self-service marketing to help people resolve their product or service issues on their own. 

6 Benefits of Self-Service Marketing

Now you know what Self-Service marketing is and how it is helping the customers and as well as the organizations. 

So let us now see some benefits of the concept of self-service marketing. 

1. Low Overhead Costs

Every organization no matter how big or small has some annual overhead costs. Overhead costs of an organization mean the total amount of money that a company spends on subjects like electricity bills, factory rent, fees of the cashier and the distributor. 

Here a self-service can bring a major financial advantage for different organizations. So if you use self-checkout methods then you can cut a huge chunk of the overhead cost of your company. Therefore you are saving a lot of money and can use this money in other services or business projects. 

2. Satisfied Customers Demands

A report of the “Retail Week” has shown that customers from all over the world like the efficient payment option for the self-checkout process. One of the most beneficiary points of Self-service marketing is customer satisfaction. 

People nowadays want a self-service policy form every organization. By providing the customers a self-service checkout you are allowing them to buy according to their choice and preferences.

3. Increased Productivity

If you can use the correct self-service tool then your marketing process will become more efficient and you will get faster outputs. With the help of self-service marketing strategies, local marketers can create marketing communication with their customers without any corporate-level help. 

Therefore, this can also help you to increase the productivity of many industries. As with self-service marketing companies do not have to worry about the customized and edited products and they save a huge chunk of both money and time. 

4. Improved Time to Market 

Apart from just improved productivity, Self-service marketing also helps many multi-located companies to get an improved marketing time. 

Suppose the marketing pharmaceutical company depends on the flu season campaigns to spread their brand awareness, but if the company fails to initiate any capmaigns then there will be a total loss in revenue.  

So, in this case, the company instead of focusing on campaigns the company should have concentrated on more important brand activities. So instead of arranging campaigns, the company should have self-served its services. 

5. Growth of customer recommendations 

Every big and small organization knows how much a customer recommendation is important for the growth of their companies. That is a successful self-service marketing strategy will not only strengthen your customer opinion but it will also help your company grow. 

Just like other communication procedures, self -service marketing is also very important to create some positive interaction with your customers. But t achieve this you need to create a consistent knowledge base. 

This knowledge base should be user-friendly, simple in nature and most importantly should be updated constantly. Apart from all this, the knowledge base should have customer feedback support. 

So the better your self-service is the more you get quality and loyal customers. 

6.  Increased Sales

A study from Google has found that nearly ⅓ of all mobile searches are related to location and ⅔ of the world population tends to buy from those companies who use a location customization service. 

Consumers in the recent world generally use digital channels to search for relevant products and services before they make a purchase of it. That is why having a relevant local website, social media and SEO is important for every business. 

In the End

So here we can say that self-service marketing can be of a great use for both big and small organizations. From the above list, it is evident that there are a lot of ways a proper self-service marketing strategy can help your company with. 

If you were looking for this kind of article then I hope that my article will help you to find out how self-service can benefit you in several ways. 

Top 8 Tips to Develop a Powerful and Secure Mobile Wallet App


Over the years with the advancement of technology, the applications we use on our phones also got advanced in terms of performance, usability, and security. 

The concept of e-wallet or mobile wallet came into focus when the world saw that the online transaction of money is a lot easier and faster than offline transaction procedures. 

Mobile application security, especially for mobile wallet application is one of the primary concerns of the appication developers and also the people who are using that application. 

That is why if you are a mobile wallet application developer then you have to keep one thing in mind for sure that you cannot compromise anything in terms of safety and security.

So today in this topic I took the privilege to provide you some tips about how to develop a powerful and secure mobile wallet application. 

Moving on…

Best valuable tips to develop a [powerful and secure mobile wallet app 

I think you are a successful mobile application developer!

If you are, then you are going to love these tips. So let us get started.

Tip 1: Try to write a secure code

No matter how much secure code you write, hackers will always find a way to intrude in your code. Code is the most exposed and sensitive part of any mobile application. This makes the code very much vulnerable to hackers. 

Hence, while developing the applicatikn you have to keep in mind one thing, that is you cannot leave behind loopholes. Some professional hackers can reverse engineer your app code and can do misuse your personal credentials. 

Therefore, the point I am trying to make here is that you need to build a heavily powerful and secure application code.

Tip 2: Always encrypt the data

This is the most important tip-off today. Never ever compromise your data. That is why it is highly recommended that you encrypt all your data. 

Encryption is a way to convert the data in such a form that can be accessed by anyone until it is decrypted by the owner. 

Encryption of data can save you from many major hack attacks or malicious activities. So if you are developing a mobile waller security application then always remember to encrypt your data, so even if the data get stolen, the hackers cannot get access to your data. 

Tip 3: Be careful with the libraries 

Sometimes developers while writing the code for the application they borrow some help from third-party software. But here is the mistake that everyone does. You can never know which third party software is secure or not. 

That is why it is recommended that you should always try to test the code before you finally run it. Loopholes in the library can make your code vulnerable to hackers. 

Tip 4: Use an authorized API 

API code is very important to build a secure application. That is if you are developing a mobile wallet then never forget to use authorized API in your app. 

An API code can prevent you from hackers who are constantly trying to steal your data. So by using a central authorization for the entire API you can keep yourself from the intruders. 

Tip 5: Always use a layered authentication technique 

The authentication procedure has always been the most important and crucial security technique for any mobile application. There is much application right now out there who lack authentication security and are facing huge problems. 

Therefore, weak authentication can lead to more chances of getting hacked. So it is the job of the developer to create high-level authentication security. 

There several authentication procedures. Among them the most common mode of authentication is using a password. But you have to make a strong password policy that cannot be hacked easily. 

Another mode of authentication includes two-step verification or OTP log in and there are a lot of ways to choose from. 

Tip 6: Develop a tamper detection technique for your application

Basically a tamper detection is a way to identify any intruder activity in your code. It will also alert you when your code is being changed or modified. 

It is always beneficial to keep a record of the changes that you have made in your code. By this, you can identify any malicious activity in your code. 

So try to develop a tamper detection technique to keep an active eye on the logs of your code. 

Tip 7: Keep a small privilege circle  

Privileges are often necessary for your app code security. You target should always be to keep the privileges as minimum as possible. 

Always try to give the privileges of your code to only those whom you trust the most with your code. Otherwise, you can face some real problems. 

So the point that I am trying to make here is that you should try to keep the network as less as possible. 

Tip 8: Make good use of cryptographic tool and techniques 

Encryption is a great way to protect your data. But if you are using cryptographic tools to encrypt your data, then you have to keep in mind that here key management is an important step. It is very much necessary as per to make sure that you do not hardcore your encryption keys. 

That is why it is recommended that you should use good protocols for encryption via cryptography. Some of the good protocols include AES and SHA256. 

Another important point is never stored or save your keys in your local devices like mobile phones or laptops. And always use the latest encryption methods.

So Finally…

We can conclude that developing a mobile wallet application is not a matter of joke. You have to follow a lot of protocols and instructions as per to make your application more powerful and secure. 

The tips that I have mentioned are well researched and well tested so that you don’t leave behind any loopholes while developing a mobile wallet application. 

How To Do Keyword Research in 2020


Keywords are the building blocks of website development. Proper Keywords used in a website can help the website to rank on the first pages of the search engine. 

That is why if you are developing a website then you should do proper keyword research before you publish different content in your website. 

As we are moving towards the future, the concept of digital marketing is taking a new shape. Therefore as everything is changing with the course of time the way of keyword research has also changed over the past few years. 

So that is why today I took the privilege to give you some tips and tricks by which you can do appropriate keyword research, just like a professional. But before going to the main discussion, I would like to discuss one common question that is being asked on the internet very frequently. 

Why Keyword Research is so Important for SEOs?

An SEO or Search Engine Optimizer is a person or a group of people who are responsible for ranking the different web pages or the complete website on the first pages of the search engine.

Without a doubt, Keyword research is one of the most important processes of any SEO campaign. Apart from just helping you to rank your website, keyword research can also help you to figure out the thoughts, demands, fears, and desires of the targeted market. 

Through a keyword research procedure, the SEOs can also identify some specific words that are being repeatedly searched on the internet. If you can make good use of these words then you can a lot of organic traffic on your website. 

So the thing is, researching keywords are not an easy task. There are some keywords on the internet that are very competitive in nature. But it does not mean that it is impossible to find the most relevant keywords for your website. 

There are certain factors that together decide the competition rate of a keyword. Such as:

The number of websites targeting the same keyword. 

The domain authority of these websites. 

The number of links redirecting to each page of that website. 

The average bid price rate (if you are going for paid search for that keyword).

So now you can also see that the process of keyword research is a time taking the process and you have to keep enough patience. 

How to do Keyword Research in 2020- The Professional Way 

Now that you know why keyword research is so much important for the SEOs, so we can discuss our main focus of the topic that is how to do proper keyword research like a total pro. 

So let’s get started. And would really recommend that you should stay with the topic till then as I will share some valuable information that will help and your website in many ways. 

Always what you are offering 

You can say this step as the most important and most basic step of Keyword research. To carry out this step all you need is a pen and a paper. In that paper list down all the things that your website is all about. 

Now further divide these terms according to the major area of focus. So while researching the keywords target those focus areas to get the most appropriate keywords for your website. 

Check Google Suggest 

As I have said before, there is some keyword on the internet which is very competitive in nature. So your process of keyword research can be a little bit difficult sometimes. 

Take an example, suppose you are researching a popular keyword like “SaaS”. Now researching this keyword can be a real uphill for you. So that is why it is recommended you should put your focus more on the low competitive keywords. 

Here you can take the help from a Google feature called Googles Related Searches. Using this tool is pretty much easy. All you need to do is type in the keyword in the search bar. Before pressing the enter see what your targeted traffic is searching for in the suggestion list. 

By this, you can only focus on the keywords that matter to you and your niche and your website. 

Use  Google Trends

Google trend is a great tool that will tell you the popularity of the keyword you are researching for. You can say this as a precaution tool. 

With the help of this tool, you can check whether the sentences and keywords you are using in your content are increasing or decreasing in usage. So by this, you can write and publish the content which is on the limelight. 

Apart from all this you can also this tool to research for the related keywords of your niche. 

Keep a close look on your Competitor’s Target 

Keeping an eye on the keywords used by your competitor website is a helpful procedure to do keyword research. But just keep an eye do not anything more like copying or piracy. If you encourage these practices then you might end up harming your website only. 

Well keep an eye on the keywords used by your competitor will benefit in two ways. 

Firstly this will allow you to focus on the long phrases that are mostly missed out by the Keyword research tools but still hold the chance to drive a lot of traffic to your website. 

Secondly, if you see that your competitor’s website is ranking well in the search engines, then try to understand their strategy. Like how they are using the keywords in the phrases to get the most attention of the traffic.

Research the questions- Type Queries 

The format of question type queries is really useful and effective content ideas. This is because knowing what the audience in your niche is asking for will really website to attract more traffic to your niche.

So by this procedure, you can mold your content according to the queries of your targeted population. This will also ensure that your website is providing the rightful and relevant content to the traffic. 

Always listen to your customers

Well, this is the most true fact for any business in the whole world. Either you are providing online service through your website or you are running a commercial store, listening to your customers has always been an effective way to increase your reach and to grow your business.

The same concept also applies to keyword research procedures. Nothing else will be better for your content marketing team than productive and quality daily interactions with the people (whom you are providing the service to).

By interacting with your targeted people you will be able to understand their pain points and will able to understand what they are really asking for. 

Insider Data form Google Analytics

From Google Analytics you can collect the data of your website visitors. From that data, you can easily identify the keywords people are searching for to find your website. 

This procedure can help you in many ways with your keyword research procedure. Like, it can help you to determine which sets and subsets of keywords are more relevant to your website and which phrases are most valuable for you to target. 

So as per to find the specific keyword data for you website you have to follow the below steps:

Get access to your Google Search Console account

From there click on your performance report. 

Now select the Average Position Filter. 

Sort and list out the keywords that are making your website. 

In the End 

So now you will also agree with me on the fact that researching keywords is not an easy task. And yes it takes a lot of time, effort and hard work. 

But as we can see from the above article there are several procedures that can make this researching procedure easy for you and your SEOs

So just like I have said, the above topic tells you all the effective procedures for keyword research. You can totally depend on these methods if you are researching keywords for your website in 2020.


Top 6 Reasons To Why You Need SEO


To many of the business owners, even today is a mystery. For making any marketing strategy to work properly, SEO is needed. And it is not always complicated. By using SEO, your site becomes more user-friendly and also browser friendly. Using proper SEO make Google rank the website higher in the search results.  

SEO plays a great role in improving the overall visibility and searchability of a website. However, you may be having questions about other than visibility and searchability, why you need SEO? Well, dont worry, that is what I will be discussing in this article.

What Are The Other Needs For An SEO 

So, let’s have a look at some of the important things that an SEO helps with for a website:

Website Traffic Is The Result Of Organic Search

All the businesses try to appear in the organic search of web browsers. The reason is that it plays an important role in improving the performance of the website. It is also helpful in making the users to convert and become their customer.

The marketers know it very well that the majority of the search market is owned by Google. And the other browsers like Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, etc all have a much lesser portion of the search market. 

However, this does not mean that others do not contribute to the visibility of the brand. Since 75% of the search market is owned by Google, it is naturally the leader among them. This makes its guidelines more important. Hence, SEO follows the guidelines of Google and makes a strong point as to why you need SEO. 

Seo Helps To Build Credibility And Trust

Establishing a strong foundation is the main motive of any experienced SEO. This website has to be clean, beautiful, good user experience, and easily visible in the search results. In establishing the authority regarding the search, there are many elements that come into effect. Along with the factors mentioned earlier, the authority is increased with the help of other elements like:

  1. Machine-learning signals.
  2. Positive behavior of the user.  
  3. Optimized content and on-page elements.
  4. Quality backlink profiles. 

Establishing authority will improve the performance of a brand than any other digital optimization. This is one of the crucial reasons why you need SEO. 

A Better Experience Is Ensured By A Good SEO

Good user experience is very important besides the visibility and the ranking of the website. Google is using algorithms to determine the favorable nature of the user experience. Hence, good user experience has become an integral part of a website and a huge factor behind its success.        

A customer is always specific about what they want. When they are unable to find it, they will get annoyed and they will leave the site and there is very little chance that they will return to that site again. Good user experience will make it easier for the users to find the information they are looking for more easily. This will be a good thing for the success of your website.  

Local SEO Ensures A Boost In Conversions, Traffic, And Engagement

Local search has become an integral part for the success of big and small businesses due to the rise in mobile traffic. The main purpose of local SEO is to make the digital properties for your website more efficient. This will help you to increase your visibility and people will be able to find you quickly and perform the transaction more easily.

The main focus of local optimizations is specified to regions, cities, towns, and sometimes states also. This is done to set up a messaging system for the business at a local level which can be done easily. The pros in the SEO industry does this by developing the website of the brand and also the content. They also optimize the backlinks, local citations, and local listings as well.

In order to popularize the engagement of a business at a local level, the SEOs optimizes the Knowledge Graph panel of a brand, the social media profile, and also its Google My Business listing as a start.

The Buying Cycle Is Hugely Impacted By SEO

In today’s age of the internet, the customers do their research before buying a product. Hence, by using SEO to convey the message for the amazing offers on the products and services you are providing will be of a huge benefit for you. This will have a huge positive effect on your buying cycle. 

In order to make a good connection with the buyers, the brands need to be visible in the correct places. This is ensured by the local SEO. With this, the potential customers are able to find the right product for themselves and also the businesses that are providing these products. This is one of the main reasons why you need SEO.  

The Best Practices Of SEO Are Being Updated Regularly

It is good to implement SEO techniques on the website of a brand to improve its performance. However, for a short-term engagement, and if the re-evaluation of the site is not done properly, then it will soon reach its endpoint. At this point, the SEOs can improve the website no more due to the obstacles it is providing. 

The search world is evolving at a faster pace and to stay ahead of the competition, you need to monitor the changes closely. This can make you rank higher and maybe even on the first page of Google. 


I hope that from the article you have understood why you need SEO. In the new age of the internet and in the ocean of websites, you have to stand out to make your business grow. SEO is the only thing that will help you to achieve the goals for making your business successful. 

Google Ads Vs Facebook Ads 2019: The Better Choice


Both the Facebook ads and Google Ads (earlier called Google AdWords) are the leading advertising platform out there. All the reputed companies use them. Some companies use both of them to increase their reach. But, this is not possible for every business as they have limited money and time. 

Both of the platforms introduce themselves as simple and easy to use, but they offer advanced features and robust targeting options. For any newcomer, it will take some time to get fully expert in using them. Learning both of them can be useful, but if you are looking to find the best among the two, then you are in the right place. In this article, I will be comparing these two advertising platforms, and tell which one is the best option for you. 

Facebook Ads Vs Google Ads

There are many similarities between these two platforms. Like, both of them work on the basis of pay-per-click. But, there are some differences that set them apart.

Paid Social Of Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are what is called advertising on social media, or simply “paid social. Since Facebook has the most number of users per month, it has now become a very attractive element for businesses to advertise on. They use their new strategies for advertising on facebook to attract more and more customers.

On Facebook, businesses do not have to rely on keywords to get customers. Here, the users find the business which is related to their interest. It also depends on their activity on Facebook. If you view clothing sites on Facebook, then you will automatically get the preference notification for similar businesses.

Paid Search Of Google Ads

Of all the PPC advertising sites, Google Ads is the most popular. Due to its use on such a larger scale, it has now become synonymous with “paid search”. People use these two terms interchangeably, although when other platforms, like Bing Ads, operates in the same manner. 

The advertisement for paid search is based upon text-based and keyword targeting advertisements. The businesses that are using Google Ads make bid on the keywords. These keywords are phrases and words which are used by Google users. By using them, they try to make their ads appear in the search results of the users. 

Every time a user clicks on these ads, a certain amount of money is charged from the advertiser. This means that an advertiser is paying money for the potential customers who are clicking on their ads.

Using Google Ads, you will be able to find new customers, whereas, by using Facebook ads, the new customers will find you. 

Facebook Ads: Advantages

Facebook Ads is relatively new in the advertising market. But, over the past few years, it has been improved and refined by Facebook. With all these improvements, Facebook ads have become a pioneer among the paid social platforms. Many businesses have adopted this as their central method for marketing. 

Audiance Granularity

Facebook ha a very huge pool of audiance. It has about 1.55 billion active users per month. This means that about one-fifth population of the world are active users, and that does not include inactive and irregular users. When it comes to the number of audiance, there is no match for Facebook.

But, the number of audiance is not its strongest point. Its main power lies in the granularity of the audiance. Facebook does not expose the advertisement to the whole audience It rather helps the advertiser to target the specific users. 

Based on the interest of the users, which is determined by their activity on Facebook, the advertisers target suitable users. This helps to save time and get a quick result.    

 Wonderful ROI

The wonderful ROI of Facebook ads has made many advertisers astonished. With a very limited budget, an advertiser can stretch its advertisement for a longer period of time. However, the advertising budget depends on many factors, like messaging, scope, overall objective of the campaign, etc. 

Considering the granularity and the potential impact on the audiance, Facebook ads is quite affordable. With such attractive pricing, Facebook ads is very useful to small businesses. 

Google Ads: Advantages

Google is the most used and widely popular search engine. This has made it the leader in the advertising market online. It performs about 3.5 billion searches each day. Due to this, Google is capable of offering an unparalleled number of potential customers from its vast pool of users. These users are continuously searching for products and services online. 

Vast Audiance

As I have said earlier, there is no advertising platform that can offer as much audiance as Google. By using Google Ads as your marketing platform, you will be able to get to these huge numbers of potential customers. Also, because of the accurate search results of Google, it becomes even more effective for your marketing campaign. Google Ads is the most famous among all the other PPC platforms available.   

A Fair Playing Field

Many of the business owners have this misconception that those who have a bigger budget will win automatically. This is not at all true. Google Ads sees the relevancy and the quality of the ads. It does not matter how much money is spent on the ads.

If your ad is relevant and the quality is good, then Google will make your ad visible at the top of the search queries. Due to this reason, an advertiser having a relevant ad will not bid as much as an advertiser having a poor ad. 

A Huge Variety Of Formats For Ads

Google Ads comes with a huge variety of formats for ads. It has formats for almost every type of business. Even though the PPC ads are text-based, the advertisers can use the huge number of features of Google, which will make the ads more attractive for potential customers. 

Many tailored ad formats are offered by Google to suit the need of every type of business. Google is continuously implementing more and more ad formats to make the job of the advertisers easier. With such a huge range of formats, the advertisers can now reach a wider audiance. 

The Final Verdict

As we saw from the Google Ads vs Facebook Ads 2019, both of them are a quite powerful and effective platform for advertising. Every business can benefit from using any one of these platforms. While evaluating these platforms, it is clear that they should not be seen as an adversary. Rather they should be used in a complementary way. 

It will be best to utilize the power of both the paid social and paid search. And it is also up to you to decide how you can use each of these platforms to get the most out of them. Hence, you cannot say that one is better than the other.  

What is Growth Hacking? Grow your brand with Growth Marketing


No, Growth hacking doesn’t literally mean hacking. Growth hacking is comparatively a new field that determines the best way of marketing focused only on growth.

Growth Hacking is basically a buzzword for start-ups and it basically encompasses around solid strategies which is focused completely on growth. And the implementation of Growth hacking is used for an early-stage start-up community that need enormous growth within a short span of time and that too having limited capital.

Growth Hacking works by combining optimization, marketing, and business development skills to go for automated marketing on a restricted budget. In simple terms, it is strategizing your business goals in such a way that you can reach maximum users or potential customers with the help of small funds.

For instances. It could be automated email notifications, sign-up driven pages, making the signup process smooth for new customers, attending community events, creating a social media community, application of referral marketing and there are many to go on with.

And Growth marketing is the reason due to which we are witnessing a few start-ups each year with massive growth rates. Despite being around for only a few years, it has already made it clear how much importance it keeps for start-ups and even for brands with great visions.

What is Growth Hacker?

Growth Hacking first was invented by Sean Ellis, in the year 2010 who is the founder and CEO of Growth Hackers and since he has brought this idea in life, it is being used by growth hackers to bring greater returns within a limited budget.

A Growth Hacker is someone who uses his skills to churn out the most productive output form a business. The job of Growth hackers is to innovate low-cost strategies to help start-ups or a business to make new clients and retain previous customers.

You could also use the term” Growth Marketers” instead of the word “Growth Hackers”. A person who is involved with products or service that includes project managers or engineers who is contributing to low-cost strategies and focusing solely on growth can also be said as a growth hacker. 

Growth Hackers seems to be obsessive, curious, creative, inexpensive and analytical

  • Growth hackers purely prioritize on growth-related strategies to bring greater return on investment.
  • They come up with solid innovating strategies and then hypothesize and prioritize it to reach maximum customers.
  • Growth marketers also examine and determine to see which strategy could bring fast changes and good results within a decent company budget for marketing channels and then apply it.

An expert growth hacker will first set specified goals. Then they set growth priorities and look for various channels through which they can acquire more customers, once they apply a particular strategy, the next thing to do is measure results and scale company growth.

What are the benefits of Growth Hacking?

Huge Return on Investment

Growth hackers use data and metrics to take every decision more or less and then track performance based on planned strategies. It is to see which growth strategies will work out for your business and which will turn out to be productive. Keep the one which actually has enough potential to great huge return on investment and eliminate those not working for your brand.

Inexpensive –

Growth hacking is mastering to use resources in an economical way to reduce cost but bring decent results. Optimization plays a very important role here, as an online website should be built in the guidance of search engine optimization and it is the only thing that can skyrocket your site rank in search engine result pages. SEO is quite an effective method that takes fewer resources compared to other marketing channels. It helps in creating and sharing useful and unique content for your audience, and most importantly you can audit every aspect of your website to know where you stand among your competitors and what you need to improve to get to the top.

Low-Resources –

This profession doesn’t need a huge team to run and maintain your business, as a growth hacks and marketing strategies are basically developed and used by a single person or two. So, the fewer member you have, the fewer resources it takes to run. But when you are on a search for a Growth hacker, make sure you hire someone who has expertise on this subject.

Now let’s discuss the major growth hacking strategies for your business

Strategies of Growth Hacking that could boost your business potential

The mainstream strategies of growth hacking is encompassed by a few main marketing channels which have the potential to grow your business and get valuable returns.

  1. Product Marketing
  2. Content Marketing
  3. Advertising

You could always go for content marketing in the first place to let your potential customers know your purpose and that too with very low expense. Content marketing is inexpensive yet the most useful strategy and many big and small businesses often give it the first preference. What could be absolutely useful?

  • Starting a blog and creating valuable and shareable content.
  • Make useful social media content to attract and convert more customers.
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Create Podcasts Experiences
  • Boost visibility of content with the guidance of SEO
  • You can go for email marketing to build a stronger connection with your potential users.

Product marketing includes

  • Making good use of the fear of missing out(FAMO) and do it by using an invite-only signup system.
  • A referral incentive program that benefits the referee along with the users.
  • Take the help of affiliate marketing which helps in the growth of content marketing as well.

Growth hackers can also go for pay per click (PPC ) along with social advertising according to the business need to further promote their business.

Few Growth Hacking Instances can be

We have illustrated a few examples of successful growth hacking campaigns to help you understand better.

  • Hotmail – You can get a free Hotmail account with a direct link to the sign-up page added to the user’s signature.
  • Dropbox – It offers rewards to the existing users for inviting new ones with additional storage.
  • Twitter – It helps in an automated notification.
  • Airbnb – Helps in cross-posting all new listings on craigslist for free.
  • YouTube – Had made it very simple for people to upload and share videos on their site by providing embed codes.

Wrapping it up

You know how much competition is out there in the real world of businesses. Coping and pacing up with other dynamic business would necessitate Growth Hacking and its strategies. If you want to grow your brand and get recognition in the market as well to your potential customers you need a growth hacker that can determine the fastest money-making marketing channel and implement it.

Now when you know What Growth Hacking is and how Growth Hacking works it will not be that tough for you to hire someone with years of expertise and knowledge in this field.