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Best Email Subject Lines 2019: Boost Your Email Open Rates


We receive a lot of emails every day, and many of them stay unread. This is the case with most of us. A lot of information is sent through email, and this makes the people overwhelmed with information. However, for Read the rest

Click Farms: A Brief Overview


You may have come accross some viral posts on Facebook which are having a huge number of like, say in thousands. Have you ever stopped and give it a thought as to how come these posts have so many likes Read the rest

Shopify SEO: Optimize Your Shopify Website


The Shopify SEO is the SEO which is specific to Shopify. Shopify provides a great platform for managing the selling and shipping of one’s product. You can build your own website and sell your products online. There are many Sho[ify Read the rest

Top Google AdWords Updates 2019: A Quick Overview


The advertising service of Google is called AdWords. However, it was named Google Ads in 2018. This helps the businesses to put up ads on the advertising network of Google. Google AdWords enables business owners to strategize their budget for Read the rest

Google Ads: Why Bidding On The Google AdWords Competitors Are A Good Idea?


Targeting the keywords of the Google AdWords competitors may seem like a good idea to many. This is because of the fact that here you are targeting your competitor’s keywords and are able to get the traffic and sales and Read the rest

Machine Translation Technology – Must Know Facts and How It Is The Future Of Translation

Translation Technology

Technology is becoming an intrinsic part of every aspect of human life. With the intervention of technology, every industry is going through a radical change, including translation.

This transition changed the way we used to communicate. Since language is the Read the rest

Microsoft AI Translator and Deep Neural Network Advancements For Translations of Indian Languages

Microsoft AI Translator

Microsoft has announced the merge of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Neural Networks. This integration will enhance the real-time language translation for Hindi, Bengali, and Tamil language and it will make the technology more accessible and productive for everyone.

According to Read the rest

Neural Translation Machine Has Made Literature Translation By A Machine Possible

Neural Translation Machine

A recent research done by Neural Translation Machine suggests that the technology is now capable of translating Literature with an efficiency of 25%. Though this number may not seem like a lot, the complicated nature of translating literature is an Read the rest

Top 5 Translation Software To Globalize Your Business In Foreign Markets

Translation Software

Even though, corporate entities and big e-commerce giants are expanding their business globally. But there is something that lacks the growth of the expansion. Due to this globalization, companies are encountering an entirely new form of international market.

To cope Read the rest

Facebook Messenger Can Translate Messages Now


Have you ever thought how stirring it would be if you could make acquaintances all over the world? Well, nowadays, that’s not a big deal with the rise of social networking sites.But to interact with each and every one over Read the rest