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Top 8 Blog Post Ideas For Your Next Blog


A blog is very important and it is used to share information with the readers. However to write a good blog you have to know in what format will your subject fit properly. In order to know the best type of blog which will attract your reader, first of all, you need to have a good understanding of your readers. Only then you can decide what kind of blog is the most appropriate. 

In this article, I will be discussing some of the popular blog post ideas. You can use anyone you like as per your requirement.

 Best Blog Post Ideas

Not all readers are the same. You have to make a group of readers who share a similar interest and then, accordingly plan the blog you are presenting to them. Here are some of the best blog post ideas:

1. How-To Guides And Tutorials

There is always a requirement for a how-to in our daily life. These kinds of guides are very easy as they are about the product or the services you are providing. Many of your users may be new to your site and they do not know how to use some particular product or service of yours. This kind of guide will be a lot of help to them.

2. Current Events

The latest events are the most interesting news subject that all of us like to talk about. This a very simple and one of the best blog post ideas. You have to know about the interest of your readers, and then you have to write about the related current events. 

The latest news can be ranging from politics to the latest Marvel movies. One of the benefits of writing current events is that people will be already looking for them and other’s opinions on that topic. This will make your blog easy to find and if they like your opinion, then your blog can go viral.    

3. Controversial Topics

Writing controversial topics can be fun. But, you have to be careful and wise while writing such topics. These kinds of topics most of the time are newsworthy. You will be able to find controversial topics if you carefully follow the local news. Among these topics, you have to choose the topic which interests you the most. And then you can give your opinion on that subject.   

You have to make sure that you use the keywords related to the topic you are writing. Since the controversies can be very sensitive, you have to select your words carefully. If you do not take caution with the words, it can put a negative effect on your blog. People will hate your blog and it will perform poorly. 

4. Writing FAQs

If you are getting asked a lot of questions, then you should consider noting them down and answering them. Even if you are not asked many questions, then you should find the most asked questions and answer them if your blog. These have to be the questions that are related to your product or services that you are offering. 

When the readers will see that you are answering the questions they will know that you care about them. As a result, they will follow your blog more closely. Hence, it is one of the best blog post ideas out there.

5. Listicles

The blogs which offer lists of things are always shared the most. You write this kind of blog on about anything. For example, you can make a list of your favorite places to visit, favorite books to read this year, etc. There are endless topics on which you can write. 

6. Analyze A Video Or Some Other Content

You can analyze an already famous video or some other content and give your analysis on it. This is one of the unique blog ideas you can use. You can look up some popular videos related to your field of business and then write a detailed discussion on that topic.

YouTube is one of the great sources for getting videos. It has a wide variety of videos and you will not have any difficulty in finding the right video for you.

7. Telling Stories

Stories have a very good ability to keep the audiance intrigued. You can use stories in your blog to make it more interesting. The stories you can tell could be about some incident with you in your childhood, or something you have heard before. It can be anything, but it also has to be relevant to the blog.

This is one of the unique blog ideas which have great potential if used correctly. Correct incorporation of this method will give a boost to your traffic and the engagement with your audiance. 

8. Polls And Surveys

These are basically quizzes. However, its benefit is for you taher than your readers. You can host these surveys to get an idea about what your users think about your product, services, blogs, and many other things. This is one of the unique blog ideas by which you can really gain knowledge about other things related to your business. 


The ideas discussed in the article are among the best blog post ideas which you can use for your next blog. All of these will help you to bring you more traffic and will increase the number of subscribers. So, use them appropriately and you will be able to get a positive outcome from it.   

Top 4 Best Website Builder For Small Business


In today’s age, a website has become an integral part of a business. The building of a website is very easy and you can present your business in a professional manner even if you dont have coding skills or the knowledge of HTML. This has been possible with the help of the growing website builder industry. 

Over the last 10 years, the website design industry has grown considerably. Along with the growth it has also become complex. But the complexity is not a bad thing. Complexity provides you with more options than before. 

There are some of the website design builders which are doing some really good work. If you are planning to hire one, you can definitely start by looking into some of the best website builder for small business out there.  

Best Business Website Design Platforms For Small Businesses

Here is the name of some of the best website builders who will definitely be able to build you an effective business website design. Each of them is suited to a different purpose, so as per your requirements, you can select the most appropriate one for your business website.


It has a very attractive design quality. Squarespace is very easy to use and is best for small businesses that require good looking design. It is best in providing space for the growth of an e-commerce site. It is also very economical.    

Although the editor of Squarespace is not as responsive as others and you have to do a bit of work on it. After you get used to its system it will be relatively easy for you. It offers a good number of tools, website templets, and add-ons. The strong photo editing and universal photo editor is very helpful. 

With a responsive website editor, your site will be well optimized for mobile devices. It also has a good customer support system which is very responsive. This serves as a great factor for the peace of mind of the business owners. 

The plan for Squarespace starts at $12 per month for the Personal plan. This plan includes a domain, bandwidth, and unlimited storage. The Business website plan starts comes at $18 per month. This plan comes with a Gmail pro account, unlimited contributors and some capabilities of e-commerce. 

There is also plans for the option of “Online Store”. The plans available for this option are $26 and $40 per month. While the online store plan of $26 is slightly more than the market rate, but it charges no transaction fee. Hence, based on your volume of sales per month, the savings can realy add up to your advantage. 


It is one of the top contenders in the business website design industry. Wix has the number of websites builds ranging over 110 million. It offers great freedom, capabilities, and best quality tools.

Wix offers an AI-fueled automatic website creator which covers the whole ease-of-use spectrum. Since it is automatic, the users have to do a very minimum work in designing their website. 

Wix also has Wix Corvid. This is a development platform that is open-ended. It helps in managing Javascripts databases and other advanced applications and dynamic pages. 

If you want to enhance your experience, it will be better if you select one lane. This is because it will be hard to maintain uniformity throughout your website design when you have begun with template but then chose to customize it.   

Wix offers a basic plan, which enables you to build a website starter site for free. After that, if you have liked the design, then you can opt for the option of an ad-free, premium site. The plan of Wix starts at $13 a month. This is the “Combo” plan, which can take care of all the needs for building a personal website. And the “Business VIP” plan starts at $49 a month.

However, these plans do not come with a domain. Hence you have to take care of that on your own. Also, if you want to invest in analytics and stats, then you have to get an account on Google Analytics or some other third-party tools because Wix does not come with one.    

All of these features make it the best business best website builder for small businesses. 


Weeble offers some very interesting options for the design of your website. It has created over 50 million websites. This is the best option if you are looking for a very simple and easy website editor. It is the best option for building a large website having more than 30-35 pages, powerful online store capabilities, site portability, and unlimited storage. 

Its editor is very user-friendly. The low learning curve makes the sites look beautiful. Due to it’s easy to use nature, the features of the editors, like design flexibility and add-ons are limited. In addition, its mobile optimization is not as vast as that of the Wix. But it will get the job done for a small business website. 

The plans of Weebly is similar to those of Squarespace and Wix. Additionally, it offers a free plan, which is the most attractive aspect of it. You can get started with your website along with a domain for $5 per month. 

The plan of $12 a month will provide you with a site with commerce and analytics capabilities, which will also be ad-free. And, the plan of $25 per month with give you access to a large number of tools, like inventory discounts and managements and shipping calculators. 

Weebly has proven to be a better option for those who do not want to invest a lot of their time in designing the website. It also provides a better commerce option than its competitors like Squarespace and Wix. This makes it one of the best business website design platforms for those who have limited time to involve in the designing process. 


It is very popular for its web hosting services and custom domain names. However, it feels like a very secondary service. It seems that it has not been put through any development process. But, if you want simplicity, then it is the best option for you. Its interface is very userfriendly. 

The “GoCentral” builder of GoDaddy is the most simple tool available to build a business website design.  By using it, you wil be able to get your website running in about two hours. Due to its lack of customization and rigid structure, it is ensured that your website will look unique and good. 

It has many pre-made templates. Making any changes to them can be difficult. You can only add contents which are having preset formatting, image, and text. You cannot add individual elements. 

It is quite ironic that the plans do not include any domain name though it is the primary product they are offering. Other than this there are not too many difference from other designing platforms. The basic plan comes for $6 a month. Then, the $10 per month plan offers you SEO help and PayPal. 

With the $15 per month plan, you will get social media integration and email marketing. And along with the $20 per month plan, you will get the online store capabilities. 


All of the business website design platforms discussed in the article are the best website builder for small business out there. These are the platforms which offer more feature than any other platforms out there. By using these designing platforms you will get many useful features that will make your process of designing websites very easy and simple.      

Best Email Subject Lines 2019: Boost Your Email Open Rates


We receive a lot of emails every day, and many of them stay unread. This is the case with most of us. A lot of information is sent through email, and this makes the people overwhelmed with information. However, for a business owner, it is important that people open their emails. This will help to increase the sales of their website. 

To make a person open your email, you have to make the subject to be catchy. The subject is the only thing by which you can make a good first impression on the users. In this article, I will discuss about some of the best subject lines which will your open rate of the email.

Best Email Subject Lines 2019

People will be more inclined to open your email if they see the heading is interesting. Some lines which you can use as in your subject are:

No Nonsense And Simple Subject Lines

You can make your subject line to be straight and simple. This will be important because the users have to be clear about your subject line as time is very important to them. Going straight to the point is always the best option. 

It is seen in a study that people preferred simple subject lines over cheesy and luring subject lines. The lines which you can use are like:

  1. “Best coat ever”.
  2. “Hey”.
  3. Yes, this is a fundraising email”.


Curiosity is the main character trait for all human beings. They do not like gaps in their knowledge. This characteristic can be leveraged in the subject liens by keeping them open-ended. For this reason, the users will be eager to know more about the subject and they will end up opening your email. 

The lines which are used by websites are: 

  1. ” Last Day To See What This Mystery Email Is All About”.   
  2. “Don’t Open This Email”.
  3. “What They Eat In Prison”.
  4. “Check Out My New “Man Cave” [ Give Pics]”
  5. “Hologram Shorts?”

These are among the best email subject lines 2019.


Every person wants to be loved, accepted and liked. This feeling of a person is called the feeling of vanity. For this reason, some of the websites use subject lines that strikes this emoption in a person. 

To make it successful you can promise something, which will make a user feel better about their selves. Some of the effective lines are:

  1. “How Have You Progressed Since The Third Grade?”
  2. “Don’t Wear Last Year’s Styles”.
  3. “As Worn In The World Tour”.
  4. “Age-Defying Beauty Tricks”.

Funny Lines

Humour is another subject that is quite effective in evoking interest within the users to open the email. This is effective when you are making the humor exclusive, it is quite difficult to make a humor subject work for the masses. But, if you have good knowledge of your audiance, then you can create a subject line with a well-timed joke. This can also make people your email. 

Some of the lines you can use are:

  1. Defense Against The Dark Arts: ESAPI.
  2. Lean Startup: Baby Got (Feed)Back- Putting the Lean in Learn. 
  3. Please Touch Me! Enterprise Delight via Multitouch.
  4. Do Gamers Dream of HTML5 Sheep?

These lines are funny and will make the readers interested to open the email. Funny lines are among the best email subject lines 2019.

Pain Points

You must have good knowledge about your customers to have a good insight into their problem. Then, you can use these pain points for making them open the email so that they can solve their problems.  

Some of the lines used by popular email campaigns are:

  1. “Get more kitchen space with these easy fix”.
  2. “How can you survive your overnight flight”
  3. “Dont waste your time on mindless work”.
  4. “Feed your guests without breaking the bank”.


It is seen that an email which have been personalized by incorporating a name has improved the open rate by almost 10-14%. However, using the name of the user is only a part of the process. You can share something personal, and use casual language so that they can feel the friendship and familiarity with you.

You can use some of the following lines for your personal subject of your email:-

  1. “Happy Birthday mary- Surprise Inside”.
  2. “I didn’t see your names in the comments!?”
  3. “Are you coming?”
  4. “So, I’ll pick you up at 7”.

This has proven the one of the best email subject lines 2019. Many of the top websites have gained advantages from this.  


Another characteristic of human beings is sloth. This is the tendency of a person to avoid doing work. Even the people who are not lazy, they will too prefer to avoid work if given the option. You can use this nature of the people to make them open your email. This can be done by providing an easy way of achieving a goal. 

Some of the examples of such subject are:

  1. Grow your email list 10x faster by using these 30 content upgrade ideas.
  2. 200 blog post ideas.
  3. 50-points Checklist for creating the ultimate optin form. 
  4. A native ad in 60 minutes or less.

This is among the best email subject lines 2019.


It is very crucial for you to make sure that a user opens your email. If they open your email, then only can they transform and your sales will increase. The subject is the place where you can impress the reader so that they open your email.  

By following the steps discussed in the article you will be able to make some of the best email subject lines 2019. When your subject line will be interesting more people will open your email. With this, you will see a huge boost in the open rate of your email.   

Click Farms: A Brief Overview


You may have come accross some viral posts on Facebook which are having a huge number of like, say in thousands. Have you ever stopped and give it a thought as to how come these posts have so many likes and are these even real? 

Most of the times these posts turn out to be fake. In today’s digital world, followers and likes can be bought online by paying a very minimum amount of money. These followers and likes are provided by click farms. The businesses hire a click farm to sell them the likes and followers.  With this, they try to boost their exposure and sales. 

Many people have opened such click farms as the demand for likes have increased on social media platforms. 

Click Farms

The “click farm” is still unknown to many people. To say it in simple words, it is an operation that is run by individuals to boost the image of the website of the client. These individuals falsely promote the product of their client in return for some money. These activities can take place for any platform. Among them the famous ones is Instagram and Facebook.

By hearing the term click farm, many of you may think that it is a very sophisticated process. As a matter of fact, this is a very basic and low tech process. The sizes of farms can vary from a single person setup to a large space filled with computers and phones which are being operated by a number of people.

Why Do Businesses Hire A Click Farm?

One of the primary reasons why they hire a click farm is to boost the exposure of their services and product. Sometimes, some new business launches a product and they want to share it on a social media platform. Since they are new, they will not have a good account on social media and neither a good number of followers. Hence, to increase their exposure and to give themselves some boost, they buy shares and likes form these click farms. 

Apart from this, another reason for this is because they are very cheap. Many businesses run marketing campaigns on social media platforms to improve their number of followers. Some businesses are successful, while others are not. So, those who are unsuccessful, they think that they can spend their money elsewhere to increase their followers.   

With the help of fake followers and likes, which costs only few dollars, they are able to achieve their goal. Many businesses are abandoning marketing campaigns as they cost more money. Rather, they hiring click farms to do their job. This saves them a lot of money.  

These click farms are also capable of providing fast results. This is a great advantage for business owners. Why will they want to wait when they can hire a click farm and get the likes faster. Organic likes are better, but in the long term, no one will be able to tell the difference.

Is Click Farm Legal?

These click farms are not at all legal. Click farms are the business where a number of unethical practices are taking place. They pay their employees very little so that the owners can keep most of their income. The working conditions in these places are not at all healthy. Here, the employees are made to work in dark places for a longer period of time. You can say that these click farms are the new child labour camps where they are leaving comments and liking Facebook statuses.

By seeing the way they treat their employees, you can very easily answer the question “is click farm legal?” yourself. If you do a little researche online, you will be able to know that there have been many raids over the past few years in these establishments. The police have seized thousands of phones from these click farms. 

The person who was found running these click farms, the police have confiscated their phones so that they cannot carry on these processes.

Beware Of Click Farms

There are hundreds of click farms out there, and many of them are operating under the radar. But, you do not know when they will get caught. So, you should avoid using click farms. A lot of these click farms specialize in Twitter and Facebook followers. You can get a good result if you hire a click farm. However, you should always work to get likes and generate followers. 

For well-established businesss, if you are not getting results on something, then you should not feel disheartened. You should check for what is wrong, correct it, and you can definitely get good results. 

There are some click farms whose main target is the ads of pay per click. They are hired to click on these PPC ads located on their site. With this, they can make a huge amount of money from the ad budget of yours. And You will not be able to realize that they are doing so.

You can protect yourself on all the Google searches and display the ads with the help of PPC Protect. You have to install this software and you can relax as it will protect your website from such activities.  


I hope that after reading this article you are not having questions like “Should I hire a click farm?” If not, then you are in the correct path, You should always keep away from such frauds. Involving in these matters can destroy your well-established business. For those who are starting new, their website can get put down before they even start. So, stay cautious of such click farms and never hire one.  

Shopify SEO: Optimize Your Shopify Website


The Shopify SEO is the SEO which is specific to Shopify. Shopify provides a great platform for managing the selling and shipping of one’s product. You can build your own website and sell your products online. There are many Sho[ify SEO apps that can help you with you improve your SEO of the website. 

Shopify gives you the option for blogs and also the power to redirect. With all these features you can also face some SEO problems. In this article, I will tell you how you can avoid these problems. And also about some of the Shopify app, 

Shopify SEO Checklist

These are the tips to deal with the SEO problems which most of the Shopify site owners face.

Duplicate Content

Duplicate contents are the biggest SEO concerns for Shopify. This can occur due to reasons like the existing of the same content on different URLs. If this happens, it creates a lot of confusion for the search engines as they are not able to decide which of the two is the most appropriate option. And sometimes, the signals of the link gets split among the pages. 

The ways in which Shopify can create duplicate content are:

  1. Pagination leading to duplicate collections pages.
  2. Duplicate Product pages.

Duplicate Product Pages

This issue is created by Shopify among their product pages. Shopify stores give permission to the pages for rendering in 2 URL ways:

  1. Non-canonical URLpath:/collections/.*/products/.
  2. Canonical URLpath:/products/.

This issue is managed by Shopify by making sure that all the products have a tag of canonical, for connecting them to their corresponding pages. However, this process assists Google in detecting the duplicate content, but a more serious problem takes place while interlinking the structure. Google will link to the product page which is of non-canonical version by default. 

Shopify, by default, builds the entire site based on the non-canonical links. This makes a huge problem for SEO as it sends contrasting signals to Google.

Canonical tags are hints and not directives, even though Google respects the canonical tags. With this, you are relying on Google to decide whether your content is duplicate or not. It is not good to leave it to chance. Rather you should remove these duplicate documents immediately.

 Duplicate Collection Pages

The pagination of the site has resulted in creating much duplicate content in Shopify. Generally, the duplicate is made of the collection page which appears in the first of a series. The reason behind this is that at the time of the pagination of the URL, the first-page link will have “?page=1”.    

It is recommended that you should have a developer to fix the internal linking. This will make the first paginated result to indicate a canonical page.

The handling of duplicate content is one of the main points for the Shopify SEO checklist.

Product Variant Pages

You will find that, on Shopify, there are numerous URLs for a product with very minor variations. This will result in the issues of duplicate content. In such situations, the duplicate remains the same as the original product, but with some minor changes in the attributes. 

If this is not checked, it will create the problem of duplicate content. But, these changes in the URLs are not seen as an SEO proble. On the contrary, this can serve as the property of pages which are indexable and can be modified for some specific purposes. This will be dangerous or beneficial to your site will depend upon the following questions:

  1. Are you able to build unique content for each of your products?
  2. Do you receive queries about the variants of your product by your customer?
  3. Is this content unique enough to stand alone?

Indexing And Crawling

When it comes to indexing and crawling, there are many unique SEO items in the Shopify stores. This is one of the important parts of SEO for e-commerce sites and hence one of the vital points in the Shopify SEO checklist.  

Robots.txt File

This file cannot be adjusted in the Shopify stores. However, you can add “nonindex” with the help of “theme.liquid” to the pages. But, this will not be very helpful if you are looking to prevent the crawling of google on your content. 

These are the site which will be disallowed by Shopify for crawling:

  1. Checkout.
  2. Admin area.
  3. Shopping Cart.
  4. Orders.
  5. Policies page.
  6. Internal search.

On the other hand, it can ve very limiting because of the reason that you cannot adjust the robots.txt files. The easily updateable and flexibility feature of robots.txt makes it the easiest method for controlling Google’s crawl. 

Structured Data

Product Structured Data

As a whole, Shopify is very efficient with structured data. More of the themes of Shopify should include the out-of-the-box markup for the “Product”. It helps to provide key information to Google like the price, description, name of the product, etc. For these features, it is the most important structured data on e-commerce sites. 

By expanding the product pages to the collections pages will result in some good benefits. In this process, the product structured data is to be used to define the product links on a product listing page. 

Article Structured Data

Article structured data is used at the time of using the blogging functionality of Shopify. It helps to let Google know that the content of your blog is of editorial nature. It has been seen that Google usually pulls the content having the “Article” structured data, to the platforms like the Interesting Finds and Google Discover. 

BredcrumbList Structured Data

The breadcrumb internal links are routinely added to the Shopify. The users are provided with important and simple internal links which helps them to understand where they are within the website. This makes it a vital part of an e-commerce site. 

It also helps Google to understand the structure of the website much better. To make Google understand the internal links better, the breadcrumbs are added to Shopify. 

Best Shopify Apps For Getting Inspiration

If you are looking to get some inspiration from the Shopify Apps, then you must get it from the best ones. The given below some of the top Shopify apps:

1. Kit

After you have successfully created your Shopify website, then you have to focus on the traffic of your site. This can be done with digital marketing. If you are not well-versed with digital marketing, then Kit is the perfect Shopify app to take inspiration from. 

2. Printful

Printful is well known among the Shopify apps for selling print-on-demand products. When some order is placed, it comes to Printful. It then prints it and sends it to the customer. If you are dealing with printed products, then you must definitely consider Printful.  

3. Oberlo

Oberlo is one of the useful Shopify apps to get inspiration from. It also helps you to find products, which will be directly imported to your store on Shopify.    


By following all of the above discussd points of the Shopify SEO checklist you will be able to optimize your Shopify website. With this optimization, you will be able to see a huge amount of improvement in your sales number. And, with the help of some of the well known Shopify apps, you can get your inspiration or use them to your advantage. 

Top Google AdWords Updates 2019: A Quick Overview


The advertising service of Google is called AdWords. However, it was named Google Ads in 2018. This helps the businesses to put up ads on the advertising network of Google. Google AdWords enables business owners to strategize their budget for advertising. However, they only need to pay when the users will click on their ads. Moreover, this is mainly based on the use of proper keywords. 

Due to its popularity, Google is delivering updates for AdWords each month. Some of these are not so vital while others are a very major update. In this article, I will be discussing the important updates which came to AdWords in 2019.

Google AdWords Updates 2019

So, let us see what are the updates which were useful to the users of Google AdWords.

Reach Planner Update For YouTube

The ‘Reach Planner’ is the update introduced by Google for YouTube. This update helps in connecting to the audiance by effectively dealing with the estimation of the various video campaigns. It also helps to select the most suitable ad format based on the marketing budget and the objective. This is a great Google ads features which make it even better.

Promotion Extention

This is a new update which can be seen under the option ‘Ads and extensions’. It is a new Google Ads feature which helps the ads to be distinct from the others. Many of the e-commerce sites have been hugely benefitted from it. This helped them to show their ads for their promotion of some special offer in a more distinct way. 

There are other benefits like: 

  1. It helped to gain a 10% increase in the click-through rate.
  2. By using the Promotional Extension, the usage of characters have been limited.
  3. With its help, you will be able to make the promotional message to appear once as an ad and once by Promotional Extension.

Expanded And Advanced Landing Page

After a person has clicked on one of your ads, he/she will reach the expanded landing page. This makes the reviewing of the landing page very important. With this new update, you will get the expanded landing page URLs in one report. It makes the recording of the traffic for each of the landing pages on your website very easy.  

New Audiance Solution Update

All the Google AdWords updates 2019 has been offered with the purpose of increasing the profit of the business by helping the marketers. The ‘New Audiance Solution’ is one such update. This update helps to find customers who have similar interests as your top customers. 

In order to do that, the AdWords uses the Remarketing List for the Search Ads to find the people who have accessed similar sites in the past. According to some research, it is seen that by targeting similar customers, the conversion rate can improve by about 22%. 

Product Listing Ads

In the different kinds of product listings of Google, it has introduced a new category of “Shop Now”. In this list, the people will also be able to see the details of the products along with the price. These details can be seen by swiping the thing which looks like the extension of the price. It also has the shipping options, availability details, and the hyperlink also. This has proven to be one of the best Google ads features out there. 

Top Google AdWords Trends 2019

All of the updates introduced by Google is good, but it will be useless if you do not know the proper way of utilizing them. So, let’s see what the current trends in Google:

Smart Features

These updates have brought some interesting features to the table and also show great potential. However, these updates can affect the user negatively if they are unaware of their proper usage. These features are great for experienced users, but a beginner can get confused and make mistakes.

Hence, you must first know properly about the new features you are about to use. 


In today’s digital world of advertising, quality has become the primary focus. Google also prefers quality ads and also rewards those campaigns which have great quality. This is evident from the ranking of the ads. 

Voice Search Is Changing The Keywords

The option of voice search has been around for quite some time, but in recent years in which it has grown in popularity. Today, more and more people are using the feature of voice search rather than typing long texts. Hence, when it comes to voice search, people will ask complete questions, so the keywords will be longer. Therefore, it has become important to incorporate longer keywords for voice searches.


All the above-mentioned google Adwords updates 2019 are the most positive updates of this year. With these updates, a marketer will face no problem in making a successful marketing campaign for the business. However, they will also require to know about the latest trand to make use of these Google ads features to its fullest. With all this knowledge, a business is bound to grow beyond one’s dream.     

Google Ads: Why Bidding On The Google AdWords Competitors Are A Good Idea?


Targeting the keywords of the Google AdWords competitors may seem like a good idea to many. This is because of the fact that here you are targeting your competitor’s keywords and are able to get the traffic and sales and the leads of them. However, this is not that simple. If you do it wrong, you can get into some serious danger. 

For this reason, I will be discussing the correct methods to target the keyword of your Google AdWords competitors.

What Is Targeting Keywords Of The Google Adwords Competitors?

This concept is very simple. In this method, you bid on the branded terms of the competitors who sell offers similar services and products. This is done with only one thing in mind, to take away the potential traffic, leads and clicks. They want the name of their brand name to be visible to the people when they search for that particular thing.   

This makes awareness for their to the people successful. They are not required to pay until they are getting any click. Since these searches are brand aware search, people are most likely to click, majority of the times. 

In the meantime, the competitors are getting brand awareness for free, and the people are made to reconsider their decision to look into the product. The keyword targetting of the Google Adwords competitors, in simple words, is the bidding of the search terms of your main competitors. 

The Rules Of Targeting Keywords Of The Google Adwords Competitors

You cannot target the keywords of your competitors without knowing the rules first. Without the rules, you may face some serious penalties. Here are some of the rules which you must follow:-

  1. The use of brand names which are trademarked, in your ad text- If you are dealing in sports equipment and clothing, then you can never say “Better Track Suit Than Adidas”. This will be regarded as the illegal use of their trademarks. It will result in Google restricting your ads.  
  2. Using the brand names which are trademarked in the URLs of the display- Within the URL of the path of the display, you are not allowed to use the trademarked name of the brand. 

However, there are some exceptions, in the case of trademarks. If you are an authorized advertiser, then you can use the trademark brand of others. Also, if you are a seller, and you sell branded products, then you will face no obstacle in using these trademarks. You will also able to use these trademark if you are an owner of a site which is information-based. These sites can be like CNet, or Consumer Reports site.   

These rules will help you to avoid any legal issues or penalties from the competitors. 

How To Recognize The Best  Google Adwords Competitors For You?

In order to use the keywords of your competitors, first of all, you have to recognize your best competitors. This is because their keywords will be best. 

1. Identifying The Competitors Using AdWords

This is not known to many people, but, Adwords can be used to scan out your best competitors. For doing so, you have to log in to the AdWords. After logging in, you will have to select a campaign of yours. When you are inside your campaign, you have to select “Details”. Within this option, you have to click on “All” under the “Auction Insight” option.

This will show you a detailed comparison of the competitors based on many factors. Based on these factors, you will be able to understand which one of them is the best. 

2. Identifying Google AdWords Competitors Using iSpionage

With the help of iSpionage, you can get the information about your competitors from another angle. First of all, you have to log in to your account in iSpionage, and then you will be enabled to perform a URL search for your brand. 

After that, you can select the option “Competitors” in order to locate the best Google AdWords competitors. 

3. Scan The Profitable Keywords Of Your Competitors

In this step, you will see what are the profitable keywords that your competitors are using. You can select the tab for the unique keywords, and see the keywords which your competitors are bidding upon which you are not.   

If the competitors you are looking at is a direct competitor, then you will be able to find a many new keywords. You can use these keywords in your campaign. By selecting the tab of unique keywords you will be able to make those keywords export as CSV. 

4. The Sorting And Organizing Of Data

To organize the keywords which you just downloaded you have to make the top row highlighted with the heading. After that, you will have to click on the option “Sort & Filter” after that click on “Filter”. This process will make the arrow appear at the top of the rows. You will now be able to sort the data as you see fit. 

You can also use the technique of color-coding the rows. This will help you to decide which of these are important keywords. 

5. Incorporate The Most Appropriate Keywords

By now, you are having an excel sheet, which is having all the unique keywords of your competitors. You can now use these keywords appropriately in your campaign. With the help of this sheet, you will know which of the keywords are unique and which of them are profitable.   

By maintaining this sheet you will know which of the keywords that your competitors are using which you are not. You can then start using it in your campaigns. 


Bidding on the keywords of your Google AdWords competitors is the way by which you can increase your sales, traffic, and lead for your campaign. If you follow all the steps discussed in the article, then you will not face any problem, and you will be able to use it more effectively.   


Machine Translation Technology – Must Know Facts and How It Is The Future Of Translation

Translation Technology

Technology is becoming an intrinsic part of every aspect of human life. With the intervention of technology, every industry is going through a radical change, including translation.

This transition changed the way we used to communicate. Since language is the key to interactions, we can’t compromise with it.

Regardless of where we are and what we are doing, we need language. But learning all the languages is next to impossible. That’s why we look up to translation.

However, the essence of translation lies in the human touch. Therefore, whether technology is killing the language or opening a new gate, is an old issue.

Technology has made the instant analysis of a tremendous amount of data possible to provide us our answers in our native tongue. It allowed us in translation from any language at any time. We probably couldn’t even imagine ourselves, asking for help in some unknown language. Well, the new innovations made it happen.

If you are trying to explore the gifts of translation technology, then this post will enlighten you. Let’s take a look at the things translation technology is offering.

Erase The Gaps With Translation Management System

Translation management systems are programs for supporting complex translation tasks. This valuable resource helps the users in the automation of the translation process.

Accordingly, this system manages workflow, translation memory as well as terminology. Translation Management System is way more reliable than the alternative methods. Manual file transfer is time-consuming and enhances the possibility of errors.

This integrated machine translation managed to mend the gap between languages.

Centralized Language Assets

Languages are real assets since they hold the key to communication. The new way to harness the power of translation is a centralized and localized program.

A centralized program can eradicate the constraints of translation. This system offers easy management of translation memories, glossaries, and style-guides.  Once the content is localized and centralized, you can hold the results to save time and money in the future.

Augmented Translation With CAT Tools

CAT tools or Computer Aided Translation tools are the new solutions as well as an essential kit for creating a language asset.

CAT Tools

These tools divide the content into segments and present in the most convenient way. Also, the translations are saved together with the source-text. The most wonderful thing about CAT tools is its translation memory which can be re-used for some other text.

Further, the terminology database, spell, and grammar checker makes these tools reliable.

Quality Assurance Tools: No More Compromisation

The most common allegation against translation tools is they compromise with the quality. The essence of the content fades away while translating.

Now we can find quality assurance tools which ensure the translation is up to the mark. This software does quality management in translation along with risk management.

Therefore, translation became flawless with the new inventions.

Machine Translation: Overcoming The Human Limitations

The escalating growth and necessity of going global have increased the demand for translation. Machine translation is the answer for this growing need.

Machine translation software translates a large volume of content instantly. The content goes through several procedures of verification. This successfully overcame the constraints of human translation.

The best part is, MT is undeniably affordable and free from errors. Besides, it uses statistical techniques for improving accuracy.

Translation-Based Apps

Although translation-based apps can never replace human conversion, yet they have opened the gate of the future to us.

These apps can be your guide in a different place as well as a teacher while learning a new language. Basically, it’s like carrying your translator in your pocket. These apps are available for all the operating systems.

Additionally, these apps can be used to translate the contents of social media. So, you can enjoy everything in your own language with technology. It’s like the translation on the go.

E-learning Courses

A few years back, nobody would have thought of learning a new language over the internet. However, now you can avail language courses online, anywhere.

These courses include guidance with visual effects. Therefore, it creates a better impact on our sensory memory and helps us to learn quickly. These courses not only saves time but are also cost-efficient.

Translation Technology In Entertainment

Movies and music videos are no longer restricted to a specific region. We often rely on subtitles and dubbings while watching movies from different countries.

Technology has changed the way these translations were done. Nowadays, everything is automated and machine-dependent. Voice-overs are done with the help of software. Data tracking and management tools made it easier as well as cheaper.

These dubbings and subtitles are significantly reliable. Several quality-checker software ensures the accuracy and validity of the translation.

Captioning And Video Translation

Captioning and subtitling are now necessary for every video. Videos are a powerful medium for learning as well as delivering any message.

Captioning And Video Translation

Technological changes are teaching us to act globally now. As more people utilize videos for different purposes, the need to have them translated into different languages is increasing as well.

According to the latest statistical reports, 70% of the YouTube users are not Americans. Also, the majority of them are not comfortable with English. Therefore, if we want our voice to be heard by all these people, we need to approach them in their own language. Here lies the beauty of translation. Translation technology made this intensification possible.

The Future Of Translation

Starting from social media to online meetings, translation technology has mended the gap between languages. Now you can read a book or watch a movie in a foreign language, without any interruption.

Further, be it social media or online shopping sites, translation technology erased the barriers of languages. Now you can learn a new language along with visual effects with the help of translation apps.

Technology has opened the gate for a better future. Although the debate about whether technology is crippling us or leading us to a new tomorrow will always be there. Yet changes are inevitable. Thus, the wiser thing to do is to embrace the changes.

Microsoft AI Translator and Deep Neural Network Advancements For Translations of Indian Languages

Microsoft AI Translator

Microsoft has announced the merge of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Neural Networks. This integration will enhance the real-time language translation for Hindi, Bengali, and Tamil language and it will make the technology more accessible and productive for everyone.

According to Microsoft, this technology is going to help the users to get the appropriate results which are more accurate and natural when they are surfing the web on Microsoft Edge browser, Bing search etc.

Moreover, with the introduction of this new technology, the search and translation function will further enhance in the Microsoft Office 365 such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Skype, and Outlook.

There is a belief from Microsoft that the Artificial Intelligence will improve the living of people. They also believe that the AI-powered solution will have a positive impact on Agriculture, education, governance, healthcare and so on, all across India.

How Microsoft’s new tools Boost Results

The Microsoft AI translator is provided with ‘TrueText’. It is a DNN based satellite system which improves the accuracy of the texts by filtering out the repetition, pauses and improper words.

This technology is available for the users using platforms such as Android and iOS through the Microsoft Translator app. It will identify and translate from the text, speech and even the photos.

Microsoft Translator

With the development of such technologies, it makes the translation of words in different languages easier. Understanding the languages you are not familiar with is now much easier.

Microsoft provides APIs on Azure for its partners and clients so that they can use this technology in their applications. The technology is accessible to all the users through various platforms. These platforms let more and more people make use of it.

Get to know more about Deep Neural Network

Deep Neural Network has the ability to break some of the common concepts like gender (feminine, masculine and neutral). Additionally, it encodes the politeness level (written, casual, slang and formal). It also encodes the types of words like a verb, noun, and an adjective.

According to Microsoft, the Deep Neural Network powered translation system displays an emphatic improvement in the humans as well as automated evaluated metrics.

As the Deep Neural Network encodes the common concepts, it instantly improves the translation process. Moreover, it enhances the working of the technology.

As per the stats, there has been a 20% rise in the results of the translation quality for all the Indian languages. These languages are all supported by Microsoft. It further shows the importance of Microsoft AI Translator in improvising the language translation.

Microsoft AI Translator as a driving force in India

Over the past two decades, Microsoft is working on Statistical Machine Translation (SMT). The aim of SMT is to translate global and Indian languages. Deep Neural Network translates the several complicated Indian languages. It adds more accuracy as well as fluency in the translation process.

According to Mohan, the Senior Program Manager at Microsoft India, there are 6 Indian languages which are part of top 20 languages globally. It is quite common as India is a huge country with the largest number of population. It is normal that a country as vast as this will have several languages among the top 20 list of globally spoken languages.

However, Mohan also says that these six languages are not among the top of the digital content list. He goes on to add that there is not enough material available on the net to provide appropriate training to the system. The training as in to teach the machines about the languages in an in-depth manner.

Nevertheless, the fruits are apparent for all to see. As per as a data report published by Google, Indian language users will be more than 2.5 times the number of the Indian English users by the year 2021.

Microsoft AI

Some more from Microsoft:

Sundar Srinivasan from Microsoft, says that Microsoft is focused on empowering every Indian and every Business. Microsoft wants to introduce the Artificial Intelligence to day to day works of every Indian.

Furthermore, Microsoft plans to make AI a driving force in Digital India. Microsoft embraces the vast range of languages in India. Thus, they plan to make the internet even more accessible to the public. With increased range, users will surely get hugely benefited.

Microsoft has always been keen on accelerating computing translation in India. They launched the Project Bhasha back in 1998 to begin this process. There has been constant work going on in the Indian Languages over the past 20 years. Furthermore, Microsoft supports text support in all 22 constitutionally Indian Languages across all their products.

Neural Translation Machine Has Made Literature Translation By A Machine Possible

Neural Translation Machine

A recent research done by Neural Translation Machine suggests that the technology is now capable of translating Literature with an efficiency of 25%. Though this number may not seem like a lot, the complicated nature of translating literature is an insurmountable task indeed. Thus, it is a remarkable achievement marking the progress of our technology.

Platforms like Google translate and Skype translate are the most famous users of Neural Translation Machine. Though the fact about the real technology which is used for the working of NMT remains a puzzle for the users.

As more development continues to take place in machine translations, eventually it will become easier for the users to understand the working of the NMT. The 25% flawless rate suggests us that technology is moving in the right direction with regards to machine translation.

Neural Translation Machine

Neural Translation Machine Hits 25% Flawless Rate

Natural Spoken word is a very natural element. The toughest test for the machine translation is to understand the true meaning of the words used by us. Capturing the same meaning in a different language is far-fetched.

As an example, the word ‘set’ can be a verb, a noun or an adjective with various meanings and it depends on how and where you are using it in a sentence. Similarly, there are more such words which are used in different manners and ways. Therefore, it is important for the NMT to understand the realize the meaning of the words depending on the sentence.

The aim of the Neural Machine Translation is to figure out the meaning of the words and phrases by assuming the order of the words and applying the texts through deep learning.

This will improve the decision making of the technology and then it can decide when to use the word ‘set’ as a noun, a verb or an adjective. Once the decision making gets better, the accuracy of translation is bound to improve even more.

The Use of NMT in Novels

Using the Neural Translation Machine or NMT to translate parts of Literature is a complicated matter. However, Dr. Antonio Toral from the University of Groningen and Professor Andy Way made this possible via their research project.

NMT in Novels

Following are the twelve well-known novels Neural Machine Translation uses for its translational activities:

  1. Auster’s Sunset Park – Released in 2010
  2. Collins Hunger Games #3 – Released in 2010
  3. Golding’s Lord of the Files – Released in 1954
  4. Hemingway’s – The Old Man and The Sea – Released in 1952
  5. Highsmith’s Ripley in the Water – Released in 1991
  6. Hosseini’s A Thousand Splendid Suns – Released in 2007
  7. Joyce’s Ulysses – Released in 1922
  8. Kerouac’s On The Road – Released in 1957
  9. Orwell’s 1984 – Released in 1949
  10. Rowling’s Harry Potter #7 – Released in 2007
  11. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye – Released in 1951
  12. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings #3 – Released in 1955

The duo of Dr. Antonio Toral and Prof. Andy Way trained the Neural Machine Translation to translate the novels from English into Catalan. Thereafter, they matched those results with the Phase-based statistical machine translation (PBSMT) system with the same work of the Literature.

The Rise of The Machine Translation

The reports of the research project disclosed by Dr. Antonio Toral and Prof. Andy Way indicates just how far Machine translation has come in recent years. This is a big achievement to the advancement of our technology and efficiency in the development of the machine learning used in this process.

A decade ago, it was impossible to imagine that the algorithm can be even used for translating the Literature and other inventive processes. Indeed, the 25% flawless rate is not good enough for the real world scheme. However, it does indicate the gradual rise of Machine translation.

If the progression can be made so that the machines translate the documents to about 50% accuracy for the human translators, then the technology is going to have a big impact on how we deal with the language barriers.

Ultimately, the reason for putting the Neural Machine Translation to a test of this kind is to put it through some of the most challenging situations and check how well it progresses.

The results of the tests were superb. This is a reason to be optimistic that the machine translation will one day play an important factor in how the businesses and people communicate with each other.