How can Latinos express their loyalty to a brand?

Twelve months ago, Toyota filed a voluntary safety recall on select Toyota division vehicles for sticking accelerator pedal – 2.3 million vehicles were recalled.  No doubt, the brand lost credibility, a brand that is known for safety and quality among the Hispanic market.

It is said that Latinos are passionate about two things – soccer and their heritage. The car maker’s U.S. Hispanic advertising agency, Conill, came up with a simple but creative idea to link Latinos’ pride in their heritage with their pride in being a Toyota vehicle owner.

Like I said, the idea was simple – bright decals that read:

“Somos muchos Mexicanos. Somos muchos Toyota owners.”

“Somos mucho Boricuas. Somos muchos Toyota owners.”

“Somos muchos Yucatecos. Somos muchos Toyota owners.”

Ninety-nine different decals with the names of Latin American countries and major cities were offered free of charge via the Spanish-language Toyota Facebook page.  The page had 25,000 fans at that time.  Street teams and camera crew were deployed to major cities often to parking lots of soccer stadium or Home Depot – once there they approached Toyota owners. Owners were offered an opportunity to share their pride in being a Toyota vehicle owner and given a sticker of their choice.

More than 259,000 stickers were ordered mostly through Facebook. According to Toyota’s Hispanic PR Tracker, since the campaign started in July and ended in October, they saw a 13% increase in favorable opinion of Toyota and a 8% increase in consideration for Toyota vehicles.

Which sticker was the most popular? With two-thirds of the U.S. Hispanic population being of Mexican origin, the most popular decal was, “Somos muchos Mexicanos.”

It appeared the campaign was successful.  Unfortunately, I have not seen a single Toyota vehicle with the “Somos muchos Toyota owners.” sticker in my area.  If you are a Toyota vehicle owner and participated in the “Somos muchos Toyota owners.” campaign, please let me know.  I would like to hear your thoughts on the campaign.

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