Hispanic Viewers Drive Super Bowl XLV

Nielsen recently published an article outlining Hispanic viewership for this years Super Bowl XLV to an estimated 10 million Hispanic viewers. As the most watched television program of all time, the Super Bowl brings in more than 8 million viewers each year and the numbers keep climbing.

African-American viewership also increased this year at record of 12 million viewers an increase of 1.2 million viewers up from last year. Also noted was an increase in female viewership with a record of 6 million viewers, up 1.4 million from last year.

“Historically, sporting events, especially the Super Bowl, have captured a large audiences,” said Pat McDonough, Senior Vice President for Insights and Analysis at Nielsen. “If sports programmers want to grow their viewership, they will need to attract more women, African Americans and Hispanics, who are often underrepresented in the TV audience for many sporting events. This year’s Super Bowl sets a good example of how leagues can build bigger audiences.”

As reported by Nielsen, previous Super Bowl data also shows that the age of the viewer matters. Adult viewers are more likely to watch the game, with the highest rating (41.9) coming from the 25-54 viewers.

Although Hispanics number one sport is typically Soccer, the increasing number of Hispanics now tuning into NFL games points to opportunity for the NFL to market and advertise more to Hispanics.

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