Microsoft has announced the merge of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Neural Networks. This integration will enhance the real-time language translation for Hindi, Bengali, and Tamil language and it will make the technology more accessible and productive for everyone.

According to Microsoft, this technology is going to help the users to get the appropriate results which are more accurate and natural when they are surfing the web on Microsoft Edge browser, Bing search etc.

Moreover, with the introduction of this new technology, the search and translation function will further enhance in the Microsoft Office 365 such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Skype, and Outlook.

There is a belief from Microsoft that the Artificial Intelligence will improve the living of people. They also believe that the AI-powered solution will have a positive impact on Agriculture, education, governance, healthcare and so on, all across India.

How Microsoft’s new tools Boost Results

The Microsoft AI translator is provided with ‘TrueText’. It is a DNN based satellite system which improves the accuracy of the texts by filtering out the repetition, pauses and improper words.

This technology is available for the users using platforms such as Android and iOS through the Microsoft Translator app. It will identify and translate from the text, speech and even the photos.

Microsoft Translator

With the development of such technologies, it makes the translation of words in different languages easier. Understanding the languages you are not familiar with is now much easier.

Microsoft provides APIs on Azure for its partners and clients so that they can use this technology in their applications. The technology is accessible to all the users through various platforms. These platforms let more and more people make use of it.

Get to know more about Deep Neural Network

Deep Neural Network has the ability to break some of the common concepts like gender (feminine, masculine and neutral). Additionally, it encodes the politeness level (written, casual, slang and formal). It also encodes the types of words like a verb, noun, and an adjective.

According to Microsoft, the Deep Neural Network powered translation system displays an emphatic improvement in the humans as well as automated evaluated metrics.

As the Deep Neural Network encodes the common concepts, it instantly improves the translation process. Moreover, it enhances the working of the technology.

As per the stats, there has been a 20% rise in the results of the translation quality for all the Indian languages. These languages are all supported by Microsoft. It further shows the importance of Microsoft AI Translator in improvising the language translation.

Microsoft AI Translator as a driving force in India

Over the past two decades, Microsoft is working on Statistical Machine Translation (SMT). The aim of SMT is to translate global and Indian languages. Deep Neural Network translates the several complicated Indian languages. It adds more accuracy as well as fluency in the translation process.

According to Mohan, the Senior Program Manager at Microsoft India, there are 6 Indian languages which are part of top 20 languages globally. It is quite common as India is a huge country with the largest number of population. It is normal that a country as vast as this will have several languages among the top 20 list of globally spoken languages.

However, Mohan also says that these six languages are not among the top of the digital content list. He goes on to add that there is not enough material available on the net to provide appropriate training to the system. The training as in to teach the machines about the languages in an in-depth manner.

Nevertheless, the fruits are apparent for all to see. As per as a data report published by Google, Indian language users will be more than 2.5 times the number of the Indian English users by the year 2021.

Microsoft AI

Some more from Microsoft:

Sundar Srinivasan from Microsoft, says that Microsoft is focused on empowering every Indian and every Business. Microsoft wants to introduce the Artificial Intelligence to day to day works of every Indian.

Furthermore, Microsoft plans to make AI a driving force in Digital India. Microsoft embraces the vast range of languages in India. Thus, they plan to make the internet even more accessible to the public. With increased range, users will surely get hugely benefited.

Microsoft has always been keen on accelerating computing translation in India. They launched the Project Bhasha back in 1998 to begin this process. There has been constant work going on in the Indian Languages over the past 20 years. Furthermore, Microsoft supports text support in all 22 constitutionally Indian Languages across all their products.