The landscape of mobile development is evolving very fast. With this development, many new trends are emerging. Among all these changes, the consumers are gaining the benefit, as they are becoming aware of all the latest technologies. 

The users are able to leverage the benefits in their related business due to the huge popularity of mobile applications. For reaching out to the business promotion people, a dedicated mobile application is the best way to go. These application gives the businesses a direct way of communication with their customers. 

Due to this demand for mobile applications, many app development companies have achieved success over a very short period of time. However, there are trends you must keep in mind before developing an application. 

Best Trends In Mobile Design 2019

So, let’s see what are the best trends you should consider before developing a mobile application. These trends will help you to make your app more appealing to the businesses..

1. Wearables

The wearables play a major role in the life of the millenials. With the growth in the health consciousness among them, it has become even more important. These wearables tell them about the number of steps they have walked, the number of calories they have burnt, their heart rate and many other things like that.

Not only the millennials but older people are also getting into health management. And with the passing time, it will only increase. Hence, making an app for wearables is not a bad idea. It is one of the current trends in mobile out there. 

2. Digital Wallets

In recent days, the use of digital wallet have increased considerably. Nowadays, almost all retail shops have the ability to accept payment through digital wallets. The users are also using such apps to a great extent. This makes the payment of money easier. People are now accepting cashless transactions. 

Another reason for the popularity is because by using the online wallets, the money is staying safe in the account. There is no danger of losing your money when your physical wallet gets stolen. These features make it one of the best mobile app design trends 2019. 

3. Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

There have been a huge shift in the technologies used in mobile apps due to the incorporation of ML and AI. Both ML and AI are connected. This is because both of them are a subset of AI. 

Many exceptional apps have been developed by using AI and ML, eg. Dango and Pokemon go. These two have helped the companies to take a better approach in targetting customers. These are slowly becoming trends in mobile these days 

4. Blockchain

Mobile development companies are creating innovating ideas in the service industry with the help of Blockchain. For this reason, Blockchain is growing at a steady rate. This is indicating that the decentralized currency platforms are being replaced by mobile applications.   

5. Demand Of The On-Demand Apps

The number of on-demand have increased over the past few years. So, now more and more companies are expected to introduce an on-demand app. And more apps are coming out daily. There are many on-demand at this moment, and it will increase further in the future. This makes it one of the best mobile app design trends 2019 that you should consider.

6. Chatbots

Chatbots are slowly taking over the communication part of the mobile apps. This is because of the need for having real-time interaction with the customers. You have to know that these chatbots are used to bypass human-to-human conversation in many aspects. 

The profit most of the reputable companies are making is partly due to customer interactions. People tend to leave the mobile app after a time. Chatbots are the ones who take care of this problem for the companies. These companies are also using innovative chatbot application to outsmart each other. 

7. Apps Used For Personal Services

Personal apps are the latest trends in mobile and are growing every day and will keep growing in the future. The users are now looking for apps with which they can have experience whenever they interact with them. This kind of apps serves the users as per their requirements. All the streaming platforms are a good example of personal service apps. 

8. IoT

IoT is already making its way to the operations for many of the major industries in the market. In 2019, it will increase even further. IoT will be opted by more and more e-commerce and education sites. 

Its capability of interlinking various aspect of the organization have made it popular. With IoT, the members of the organizations are able to get faster access to data of the organization. Hence, this becomes one of the best mobile app design trends 2019. 

9. Cloud Storage

As you have understood by now that the number of mobile apps will increase drastically in the near future. However, with all these apps, people will face storage problems. To resolve this problem cloud storage is the best option. Hence, its demand will also increase. 

In addition, you will be able to accumulate all of your data in one place by using clod storage. The management will become easy and the security will also become good. Reportedly, it is assumed that the companies which are cloud-based, will see huge growth in their profit.


All the discussed trends are the top trends in mobile. By picking any design trend, you are bound to get a good result from it. So, select the one you are interested in and start working on that mobile application.