How can Latinos express their loyalty to a brand?

Twelve months ago, Toyota filed a voluntary safety recall on select Toyota division vehicles for sticking accelerator pedal – 2.3 million vehicles were recalled.  No doubt, the brand lost credibility, … READ MORE

Play ball! A legacy that still resonates with Hispanics

While opening day for Major League Baseball is still two months away, my oldest son, age 9, is already gearing up for his 2011 baseball season that starts in less than 3 weeks. During a recent family … READ MORE

The Wired Latino Market

Media post presented an article last week on the news of Google’s U.S. Hispanic. It seems that google realized the power of the Latino market about a year and a half ago and decided to name Mark Lopez … READ MORE

What’s a Smartphone?

A few weeks ago, I was in need of a new cell phone.  My aging cell phone had made its last call.  My current cell phone provider offered me $100 off a new smartphone.  Have you ever wondered what’s a … READ MORE

New Poll: Latinos Anxious About Economy

An opinion poll among Latino voters in the United States revealed a high level of economic anxiety in the community, a disconnect in the economic decisions made by the Obama administration and the … READ MORE

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