Shopify is a good e-commerce platform, on which you can build your website. It has all the features which will help you successfully create a good website. But, after you have created your website, you have to optimize it so that you can bring in potential customers. 

With the help of SEO, you will be able to make all the necessary optimization so that the customers are able to find your site easily. In this article, I will discuss some of the SEO tips which you can use in your Shopify store. 

Top SEO For Shopify

These tips are the best tips which you can definitely use on your Shopify site

Optimizing The Structure Of The Shopify Website

For making your SEO successful, the way your content is organized is very crucial. This ensures that the customers are able to find the product they are looking for without any trouble. When they are easily able to find the things they are looking for, they will spend more time on your site. This will boost your ranking for the search engine. 

You can make your site easy to navigate by making the structure simple. You must not overdo categories and subcategories and try to keep it simple. A simpler structure will also make the crawling easy for the search engines. This has proven to be an effective Shopify SEO.

Optimize The User Experience

User experience is another important thing for Shopify SEO. This ensures that the users have a smooth experience with the website. The better the user experience, the more the users will spend time on your website. All these factors will result in a higher ranking in the search results. Here are the ways you can improve your user experience. 

Optimize The Speed

When the speed of the website will be more, then it will be easier to navigate your site. This will cause less frustration to the users. And with less frustration, they will be willing to spend more time on your website.

You can improve the speed by some of the given ways:

  1. Using optimized and smaller images.
  2. Do not use sliders.
  3. Use the themes which are fast and mobile-friendly.
  4. Remove any apps you are not using.

Responsive Design

A responsive design will make your store on Shopify look great on multiple devices, like smartphones, tablets, and desktop. It will also help you make your store’s user experience better. And with better user experience, the users will stay for a longer duration of time in your store. 

This will also help you increase the ranking of your page because Google also looks at the time-on-page to evaluate the value of the site. Also, when your site will rank higher, then more users will visit your site.

It is very important that your store works properly on mobile devices. This is because the number of mobile users is increasing every day. Responsive design is one of the best SEO for Shopify and it not only benefits you but also your users.  

Find The Most Effective Keywords

Keywords play a very important part in the success of an SEO process. But, the keywords you will use have to the correct ones, otherwise, it will have no effect on your content. Wrong keywords will not be able to drive any traffic to your store. 

The most effective way to start in not bay using any fancy tools. You can start by noting down about five of the topic which your users are interested in. Then you can do research on those topics and find the most effective keywords for your Shopify SEO process.  

If you want to get some inspiration for your keywords, then you can get it from the following places:

  1. The hashtags on social media. 
  2. From the image alt-text, meta descriptions, and the titles which are being used on the sites of your competitors. 
  3. The buyer personas. 

Shopify Meta Description

The short bit of text which is seen in the search engine results at the end of the title tag is called a meta description. This can be set for blog posts in Shopify, collection pages, product pages, and webpages. It is best to use a meta description that is unique, and also in a direct and plain language. If your meta description is good, it will attract more users.

You can set the Shopify meta description and title tag by going to the Shopify admin page. From there, you have to enter the “Online Store, and then go to the “Preferences”. Here, you have to enter the Shopify meta description which you want to use for your store. After you have written the meta description, then click “Save”.    

Putting the Shopify meta descriptions in your store will help you to get more traffic and eventually more conversion.    

Link Building For Your Store

Search engines evaluate the value of your site by seeing how much backlinks your site is getting. You can see them as the word of the mount for the SEOs. This is an off-page SEO for Shopify which depends on building the trustworthiness and credibility for your site. 

You can get the links for your store by following the given tips:

  1. Supplier Links- If you are selling products that are made by well-known companies, then you can ask if they have a policy where they will give links to authorized retailers.  
  2. Mentions- Your store may have been mentioned in many places, but they may not have linked them to your site. You can find these mentions of your store and then send emails to the owners of these contents and ask them to link the mentions to your store. 
  3. Broken Links- For this, you will need to work a little harder to find these broken links. After you have discovered these broken links, you can let the owner know of this and ask them to link you back. Broken links have a very bad effect on SEO. Hence this will be a mutually beneficial process. 


All the above discussed Shopify SEOs are among the best ones. So you can definitely consider them if you are building your new store on Shopify. If you have already opened a store and not seeing good results, then also you can try these SEO tips.