Social Media Marketing has changed rapidly over the years helping thousands of businesses to proliferate all over the world. There are about 2.4 billion users of social media all around the globe and your potential customers fall within this 2.4 billion, you just have to analyze your potential audiences. Once you know who your audience could be, you have to target and reach them via different social media marketing strategies.

Another fact that will surprise you is, a total of 3.5 billion people among the total world population of 7.7 billion people are online. So that’s a massive number and a good opportunity for your business.

With the help of Social media advertising, you can target the audience on particular networks via demographic data and this will help your targeted audiences to know about your business in their feeds.

But while starting with social media advertising would not be easy, if you don’t know where to start from and which could give you more productivity.

That’s the reason we are at your service. We have accumulated a few social media channels that can be used to target social media ads to help your business proliferate step-by-step.

How to highly target Social Media ads to boost up your business?

To create targeted social media apps you need to choose the right social media platforms and you have to invest your resources on money-driven paid ad plans and find solid ground for social media targeting. 

# Set your Paid Social Media Goals

Do not invest your resources blindly, it will only cost you time and money and can never get valuable outputs. Every brand set a different goal based on its business objective, and that’s how you should do it. To skyrocket your campaign you must get your business enrolled to these important paid social media programs.

Increase TrafficThis is the most important factor when it comes to your business. Increasing traffic will visit your site and products and gradually start buying. You should make it a goal to get more unique visitors and increase page views.

Increase Visibility – It is very normal that higher awareness of your brand will lead to a more loyal audience and help in more purchases. Visibility must be one of your priorities to soar up your sales numbers.

Increase Engagement – You have to keep a track of your posts if it is engaging people and how are people interacting with it with the help of social shares, likes, retweets, and comments. You would understand if your content is well-interacted. More engagement will also help you draw more potential customers.

Increase Lead generation – Paid social ads can help in getting more lead and several companies use this technique to get their customers devoted to their brand. You can run a multi-step campaign to target more of these devoted users especially if you run it often.

Increase in Sales: Online stores and businesses have many social advertising tools to market and sell their products or services. You can analyze your paid ads to see if it interests customers and will also help you come up with great deals that could increase your sales. 

Coming down to the most important steps

# Choosing your Social Platforms wisely

Big brands rely more on Social media marketing and it is because it has heavy potential. You can run ad campaigns in your social media accounts and these social media platforms can get you great returns.

You have to understand the benefit of each social media platform and how does it’s ad business work. Each network comes with unique benefits and use. And it totally depends on your business objective, what you might necessitate from the social media tools.

Let’s take a look at major social media channels that could help grow your business in terms of sales and brand awareness

Facebook – It is the biggest social network worldwide with breathtaking 2.4 billion active users a month. Facebook ad formats can be very convenient for every size of businesses-to consumer campaigns. It play a great role in B2B and even B2C marketing. You could dig deeper into your audience and know about potential visitors by expanding your brand awareness and social reach. Apart from that, solid paid campaigns can considerably send large traffic to your site and create mindblowing conversions.

Instagram – It is said to be the most engaging social network after Facebook with more than 1 billion monthly users. But facebook is the new owner of Instagram, so they use almost the same ads categories campaigns with the objective to reach millions. 

Four main categories of ads Instagram contains:


  • Carousel ads
  • Photo & Videos Ads
  • Collection ADS
  • Instagram Stories ads


Visual rich content can often engage more eyes compared to only text content. Instagram is used by many eComm brands for higher B2B conversions.

Twitter Twitter remains to be another massive social media platform with 330 million monthly active users. It helps with 5 different objectives to help grow awareness and drive traffic to your site or business.

Twitter prioritizing 4 business objectives: 

  • Clicks on Website – It promotes Tweets with website cards to make people visit your site and interact better.
  • Tweet Engagement – This is the way to promote tweets to start conversations about your brand.
  • Followers – Pay for each follower gained and promote your brand
  • Awareness – Extend your reach to more audience by paying for each impression (CPM)

One of the best things is Twitter promotes which can automatically promote tweets on your behalf. And Twitter allows you to set campaigns based on your marketing objective.

Snapchat This is a perfect B2C platform that is associated with younger audiences. It offered lenses and filters to engage more users and let them promote the product. Snapchat comes with 3 marketing objectives that can help you with awareness and conversions.

Brand Awareness – Snapchat helps you reach maximum audiences so that you can increase your business awareness.

ConsiderationDraw as much traffic as possible to your website and increase further engagement with your audiences and generate more lead.

Conversion – Snapchat absolutely guides you to make more conversions.

Snapchat features 3 types of ads and they are:

  • Snap Ads

  • Story Ads

  • Collection Ads

Rolling down to the last on the list of social media sites

LinkedIn – It is a perfect tool for B2B that uses specific demography. LinkedIn helps your campaign get high visibility, generate more leads compared to before. It can create more awareness for your brand, drive your website traffic and increase engagement. It is a very efficient social media tool to make conversions.

LinkedIn consists of 3 categories of Ads:

  • Sponsored Content



  • Sponsored InMail



  • Text Ads


You can set up the perimeter of the ad based on your business requirements

Conclusion :

Now when you have gone through the potential of social media apps and how to use it to target your potential customers and drive more conversion, you can start off now.

I have come to the end of the article on Highly targeted social media ads that can help grow your business. I really hope you will use this information to organize and set your business and increase reach and awareness.