When we go out for a tour, language appears to be the most common barrier especially, if you are not a multilingual person.

Using a local travel guide is not always convenient. That means you need to walk around carrying the instructions provided by the guide. Which is probably not feasible for most of us.

Does it mean we should not go out for a  vacation?

Of course, not, there are applications which will help you understand the language. Also, you no need to be dependent on anyone for primary activities, ordering food, booking cars, reading and speaking the language, for instance.

If you know the local language of the street you are walking, then things become easy for you. You can be your own guide, besides you will save some extra penny.

So, make your traveling experience refreshing than ever, with these top pick for translation application.



This is one of the most highly rated Translation application on iTunes. Over 51,000 rating and reviews and most of them are of four and five-star ratings.

The major key factor, the application can translate into over 100 different languages. Also, the app has a special advanced version compatible with Apple watch. So you can directly translate from your wristwatch if it requires.

The basic version of the application is free, but if you want the pro version, it will cost you $39.99 per year. Pro version has the voice recognization mode, verb conjunction and also offline capabilities.

Google Translate

Google Translate is our second pick for the list, due to its overall performance. The app is easy to use and offers a significant number of features.

The app has the ability to translate into over 103 languages by typing. Even you can translate 59 languages while you are running offline. Moreover, you can draw the text or character to translate over 93 languages.

In addition to that, you have the camera translation option for over 35 languages. Where all you need to do, point your camera or snap the text for instant translation.

You can access the features by tapping on the respective icons from the top. The app is free for both Google Play and iTunes.


If you want to rule the streets with fluent local language and also want to adopt the culture, then TripLingo is what you should go for.

All you need to do,  enter your destination and start downloading the pack that you are going to need. For instance, if you are packing your bag for Paris, then this app will help you translate your voice into the Spanish language. Along with that, an image translator as well as a section of essential Spanish phrases also the direction to use them.

The app also guides you to adopt the local culture so that you can blend yourself correctly. The phrase section is flooded with great humor, fun, flirting,  and even the nightlife.

You can get this app for free. However, a paid version will open the numbers of phrases and content for you.


Papago is specialized in translation the Asian languages. It can translate between Korean, English, Chinese, and Japanese.

You can have the translation basically in two forms, either in text form or voice form. While speaking with someone local you can use this app to speak in each other’s language. This app also offers photo translation and phrases from the local language.

To make a proper use of the phases, it also offers a dictionary and phrasebook where you can access more information. You can get this app on Google Play and iTunes for free.


The application only translates between English Japanese Korean and Chinese. Still, it is a life saver, in case you are stuck with no WiFi around. As it works completely offline.

The app works fine with an instant camera. All you need to do, point your camera to any signs or menu, then you can see your translation ion the screen. If you are a foodie then this app is a must choice for you. As this will show you what you are going to order after translating the menu and food items.

Furthermore, if you need to speak one of the other languages then you can use this application to help you pronounce the word properly.

iTranslate Voice

With this application, you will be able to speak over 40 languages. It not only has the pre-made voice translation but also has the special voice translation.

All you need to do, speak into your phone and it will translate the voice into the language you choose. In addition, you can also share the copy or export the transcripted voice conversations and save them as your favorite as well.

Final Thought

So these are the translation application you should have while you are going out abroad. You will find the application on iTunes and Android platforms. Most of the application is free, however, for a better-personalized experience, you can get the paid version as well.