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Media post presented an article last week on the news of Google’s U.S. Hispanic. It seems that google realized the power of the Latino market about a year and a half ago and decided to name Mark Lopez as head of google U.S. Hispanic. John Farrell, general manager for Google Mexico explained the importance of the Latino market and how much purchasing power it has to potential advertisers.

A recent study that was conducted points out that Hispanics are indeed online (fact that we already know), accounting for 86% that have high speed internet connection at home and 78% that use the internet as their primary source of information.

The report goes on by saying that Hispanics are avid mobile device users– texting at greater rates than the general public, 64% vs. 56%; download music, 22% vs. 15%; and access social networks, 12% vs. 10%, according to Scarborough Research.

According to Google, Latinos online is worth an estimated $200 million. With this estimate and more reports showing that the Hispanic market is worth investing in, google plans to move forward by putting a big chunk of its budget into this market.

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