Both the Facebook ads and Google Ads (earlier called Google AdWords) are the leading advertising platform out there. All the reputed companies use them. Some companies use both of them to increase their reach. But, this is not possible for every business as they have limited money and time. 

Both of the platforms introduce themselves as simple and easy to use, but they offer advanced features and robust targeting options. For any newcomer, it will take some time to get fully expert in using them. Learning both of them can be useful, but if you are looking to find the best among the two, then you are in the right place. In this article, I will be comparing these two advertising platforms, and tell which one is the best option for you. 

Facebook Ads Vs Google Ads

There are many similarities between these two platforms. Like, both of them work on the basis of pay-per-click. But, there are some differences that set them apart.

Paid Social Of Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are what is called advertising on social media, or simply “paid social. Since Facebook has the most number of users per month, it has now become a very attractive element for businesses to advertise on. They use their new strategies for advertising on facebook to attract more and more customers.

On Facebook, businesses do not have to rely on keywords to get customers. Here, the users find the business which is related to their interest. It also depends on their activity on Facebook. If you view clothing sites on Facebook, then you will automatically get the preference notification for similar businesses.

Paid Search Of Google Ads

Of all the PPC advertising sites, Google Ads is the most popular. Due to its use on such a larger scale, it has now become synonymous with “paid search”. People use these two terms interchangeably, although when other platforms, like Bing Ads, operates in the same manner. 

The advertisement for paid search is based upon text-based and keyword targeting advertisements. The businesses that are using Google Ads make bid on the keywords. These keywords are phrases and words which are used by Google users. By using them, they try to make their ads appear in the search results of the users. 

Every time a user clicks on these ads, a certain amount of money is charged from the advertiser. This means that an advertiser is paying money for the potential customers who are clicking on their ads.

Using Google Ads, you will be able to find new customers, whereas, by using Facebook ads, the new customers will find you. 

Facebook Ads: Advantages

Facebook Ads is relatively new in the advertising market. But, over the past few years, it has been improved and refined by Facebook. With all these improvements, Facebook ads have become a pioneer among the paid social platforms. Many businesses have adopted this as their central method for marketing. 

Audiance Granularity

Facebook ha a very huge pool of audiance. It has about 1.55 billion active users per month. This means that about one-fifth population of the world are active users, and that does not include inactive and irregular users. When it comes to the number of audiance, there is no match for Facebook.

But, the number of audiance is not its strongest point. Its main power lies in the granularity of the audiance. Facebook does not expose the advertisement to the whole audience It rather helps the advertiser to target the specific users. 

Based on the interest of the users, which is determined by their activity on Facebook, the advertisers target suitable users. This helps to save time and get a quick result.    

 Wonderful ROI

The wonderful ROI of Facebook ads has made many advertisers astonished. With a very limited budget, an advertiser can stretch its advertisement for a longer period of time. However, the advertising budget depends on many factors, like messaging, scope, overall objective of the campaign, etc. 

Considering the granularity and the potential impact on the audiance, Facebook ads is quite affordable. With such attractive pricing, Facebook ads is very useful to small businesses. 

Google Ads: Advantages

Google is the most used and widely popular search engine. This has made it the leader in the advertising market online. It performs about 3.5 billion searches each day. Due to this, Google is capable of offering an unparalleled number of potential customers from its vast pool of users. These users are continuously searching for products and services online. 

Vast Audiance

As I have said earlier, there is no advertising platform that can offer as much audiance as Google. By using Google Ads as your marketing platform, you will be able to get to these huge numbers of potential customers. Also, because of the accurate search results of Google, it becomes even more effective for your marketing campaign. Google Ads is the most famous among all the other PPC platforms available.   

A Fair Playing Field

Many of the business owners have this misconception that those who have a bigger budget will win automatically. This is not at all true. Google Ads sees the relevancy and the quality of the ads. It does not matter how much money is spent on the ads.

If your ad is relevant and the quality is good, then Google will make your ad visible at the top of the search queries. Due to this reason, an advertiser having a relevant ad will not bid as much as an advertiser having a poor ad. 

A Huge Variety Of Formats For Ads

Google Ads comes with a huge variety of formats for ads. It has formats for almost every type of business. Even though the PPC ads are text-based, the advertisers can use the huge number of features of Google, which will make the ads more attractive for potential customers. 

Many tailored ad formats are offered by Google to suit the need of every type of business. Google is continuously implementing more and more ad formats to make the job of the advertisers easier. With such a huge range of formats, the advertisers can now reach a wider audiance. 

The Final Verdict

As we saw from the Google Ads vs Facebook Ads 2019, both of them are a quite powerful and effective platform for advertising. Every business can benefit from using any one of these platforms. While evaluating these platforms, it is clear that they should not be seen as an adversary. Rather they should be used in a complementary way. 

It will be best to utilize the power of both the paid social and paid search. And it is also up to you to decide how you can use each of these platforms to get the most out of them. Hence, you cannot say that one is better than the other.