Keywords are the building blocks of website development. Proper Keywords used in a website can help the website to rank on the first pages of the search engine. 

That is why if you are developing a website then you should do proper keyword research before you publish different content in your website. 

As we are moving towards the future, the concept of digital marketing is taking a new shape. Therefore as everything is changing with the course of time the way of keyword research has also changed over the past few years. 

So that is why today I took the privilege to give you some tips and tricks by which you can do appropriate keyword research, just like a professional. But before going to the main discussion, I would like to discuss one common question that is being asked on the internet very frequently. 

Why Keyword Research is so Important for SEOs?

An SEO or Search Engine Optimizer is a person or a group of people who are responsible for ranking the different web pages or the complete website on the first pages of the search engine.

Without a doubt, Keyword research is one of the most important processes of any SEO campaign. Apart from just helping you to rank your website, keyword research can also help you to figure out the thoughts, demands, fears, and desires of the targeted market. 

Through a keyword research procedure, the SEOs can also identify some specific words that are being repeatedly searched on the internet. If you can make good use of these words then you can a lot of organic traffic on your website. 

So the thing is, researching keywords are not an easy task. There are some keywords on the internet that are very competitive in nature. But it does not mean that it is impossible to find the most relevant keywords for your website. 

There are certain factors that together decide the competition rate of a keyword. Such as:

The number of websites targeting the same keyword. 

The domain authority of these websites. 

The number of links redirecting to each page of that website. 

The average bid price rate (if you are going for paid search for that keyword).

So now you can also see that the process of keyword research is a time taking the process and you have to keep enough patience. 

How to do Keyword Research in 2020- The Professional Way 

Now that you know why keyword research is so much important for the SEOs, so we can discuss our main focus of the topic that is how to do proper keyword research like a total pro. 

So let’s get started. And would really recommend that you should stay with the topic till then as I will share some valuable information that will help and your website in many ways. 

Always what you are offering 

You can say this step as the most important and most basic step of Keyword research. To carry out this step all you need is a pen and a paper. In that paper list down all the things that your website is all about. 

Now further divide these terms according to the major area of focus. So while researching the keywords target those focus areas to get the most appropriate keywords for your website. 

Check Google Suggest 

As I have said before, there is some keyword on the internet which is very competitive in nature. So your process of keyword research can be a little bit difficult sometimes. 

Take an example, suppose you are researching a popular keyword like “SaaS”. Now researching this keyword can be a real uphill for you. So that is why it is recommended you should put your focus more on the low competitive keywords. 

Here you can take the help from a Google feature called Googles Related Searches. Using this tool is pretty much easy. All you need to do is type in the keyword in the search bar. Before pressing the enter see what your targeted traffic is searching for in the suggestion list. 

By this, you can only focus on the keywords that matter to you and your niche and your website. 

Use  Google Trends

Google trend is a great tool that will tell you the popularity of the keyword you are researching for. You can say this as a precaution tool. 

With the help of this tool, you can check whether the sentences and keywords you are using in your content are increasing or decreasing in usage. So by this, you can write and publish the content which is on the limelight. 

Apart from all this you can also this tool to research for the related keywords of your niche. 

Keep a close look on your Competitor’s Target 

Keeping an eye on the keywords used by your competitor website is a helpful procedure to do keyword research. But just keep an eye do not anything more like copying or piracy. If you encourage these practices then you might end up harming your website only. 

Well keep an eye on the keywords used by your competitor will benefit in two ways. 

Firstly this will allow you to focus on the long phrases that are mostly missed out by the Keyword research tools but still hold the chance to drive a lot of traffic to your website. 

Secondly, if you see that your competitor’s website is ranking well in the search engines, then try to understand their strategy. Like how they are using the keywords in the phrases to get the most attention of the traffic.

Research the questions- Type Queries 

The format of question type queries is really useful and effective content ideas. This is because knowing what the audience in your niche is asking for will really website to attract more traffic to your niche.

So by this procedure, you can mold your content according to the queries of your targeted population. This will also ensure that your website is providing the rightful and relevant content to the traffic. 

Always listen to your customers

Well, this is the most true fact for any business in the whole world. Either you are providing online service through your website or you are running a commercial store, listening to your customers has always been an effective way to increase your reach and to grow your business.

The same concept also applies to keyword research procedures. Nothing else will be better for your content marketing team than productive and quality daily interactions with the people (whom you are providing the service to).

By interacting with your targeted people you will be able to understand their pain points and will able to understand what they are really asking for. 

Insider Data form Google Analytics

From Google Analytics you can collect the data of your website visitors. From that data, you can easily identify the keywords people are searching for to find your website. 

This procedure can help you in many ways with your keyword research procedure. Like, it can help you to determine which sets and subsets of keywords are more relevant to your website and which phrases are most valuable for you to target. 

So as per to find the specific keyword data for you website you have to follow the below steps:

Get access to your Google Search Console account

From there click on your performance report. 

Now select the Average Position Filter. 

Sort and list out the keywords that are making your website. 

In the End 

So now you will also agree with me on the fact that researching keywords is not an easy task. And yes it takes a lot of time, effort and hard work. 

But as we can see from the above article there are several procedures that can make this researching procedure easy for you and your SEOs

So just like I have said, the above topic tells you all the effective procedures for keyword research. You can totally depend on these methods if you are researching keywords for your website in 2020.