We receive a lot of emails every day, and many of them stay unread. This is the case with most of us. A lot of information is sent through email, and this makes the people overwhelmed with information. However, for a business owner, it is important that people open their emails. This will help to increase the sales of their website. 

To make a person open your email, you have to make the subject to be catchy. The subject is the only thing by which you can make a good first impression on the users. In this article, I will discuss about some of the best subject lines which will your open rate of the email.

Best Email Subject Lines 2019

People will be more inclined to open your email if they see the heading is interesting. Some lines which you can use as in your subject are:

No Nonsense And Simple Subject Lines

You can make your subject line to be straight and simple. This will be important because the users have to be clear about your subject line as time is very important to them. Going straight to the point is always the best option. 

It is seen in a study that people preferred simple subject lines over cheesy and luring subject lines. The lines which you can use are like:

  1. “Best coat ever”.
  2. “Hey”.
  3. Yes, this is a fundraising email”.


Curiosity is the main character trait for all human beings. They do not like gaps in their knowledge. This characteristic can be leveraged in the subject liens by keeping them open-ended. For this reason, the users will be eager to know more about the subject and they will end up opening your email. 

The lines which are used by websites are: 

  1. ” Last Day To See What This Mystery Email Is All About”.   
  2. “Don’t Open This Email”.
  3. “What They Eat In Prison”.
  4. “Check Out My New “Man Cave” [ Give Pics]”
  5. “Hologram Shorts?”

These are among the best email subject lines 2019.


Every person wants to be loved, accepted and liked. This feeling of a person is called the feeling of vanity. For this reason, some of the websites use subject lines that strikes this emoption in a person. 

To make it successful you can promise something, which will make a user feel better about their selves. Some of the effective lines are:

  1. “How Have You Progressed Since The Third Grade?”
  2. “Don’t Wear Last Year’s Styles”.
  3. “As Worn In The World Tour”.
  4. “Age-Defying Beauty Tricks”.

Funny Lines

Humour is another subject that is quite effective in evoking interest within the users to open the email. This is effective when you are making the humor exclusive, it is quite difficult to make a humor subject work for the masses. But, if you have good knowledge of your audiance, then you can create a subject line with a well-timed joke. This can also make people your email. 

Some of the lines you can use are:

  1. Defense Against The Dark Arts: ESAPI.
  2. Lean Startup: Baby Got (Feed)Back- Putting the Lean in Learn. 
  3. Please Touch Me! Enterprise Delight via Multitouch.
  4. Do Gamers Dream of HTML5 Sheep?

These lines are funny and will make the readers interested to open the email. Funny lines are among the best email subject lines 2019.

Pain Points

You must have good knowledge about your customers to have a good insight into their problem. Then, you can use these pain points for making them open the email so that they can solve their problems.  

Some of the lines used by popular email campaigns are:

  1. “Get more kitchen space with these easy fix”.
  2. “How can you survive your overnight flight”
  3. “Dont waste your time on mindless work”.
  4. “Feed your guests without breaking the bank”.


It is seen that an email which have been personalized by incorporating a name has improved the open rate by almost 10-14%. However, using the name of the user is only a part of the process. You can share something personal, and use casual language so that they can feel the friendship and familiarity with you.

You can use some of the following lines for your personal subject of your email:-

  1. “Happy Birthday mary- Surprise Inside”.
  2. “I didn’t see your names in the comments!?”
  3. “Are you coming?”
  4. “So, I’ll pick you up at 7”.

This has proven the one of the best email subject lines 2019. Many of the top websites have gained advantages from this.  


Another characteristic of human beings is sloth. This is the tendency of a person to avoid doing work. Even the people who are not lazy, they will too prefer to avoid work if given the option. You can use this nature of the people to make them open your email. This can be done by providing an easy way of achieving a goal. 

Some of the examples of such subject are:

  1. Grow your email list 10x faster by using these 30 content upgrade ideas.
  2. 200 blog post ideas.
  3. 50-points Checklist for creating the ultimate optin form. 
  4. A native ad in 60 minutes or less.

This is among the best email subject lines 2019.


It is very crucial for you to make sure that a user opens your email. If they open your email, then only can they transform and your sales will increase. The subject is the place where you can impress the reader so that they open your email.  

By following the steps discussed in the article you will be able to make some of the best email subject lines 2019. When your subject line will be interesting more people will open your email. With this, you will see a huge boost in the open rate of your email.