The advertising service of Google is called AdWords. However, it was named Google Ads in 2018. This helps the businesses to put up ads on the advertising network of Google. Google AdWords enables business owners to strategize their budget for advertising. However, they only need to pay when the users will click on their ads. Moreover, this is mainly based on the use of proper keywords. 

Due to its popularity, Google is delivering updates for AdWords each month. Some of these are not so vital while others are a very major update. In this article, I will be discussing the important updates which came to AdWords in 2019.

Google AdWords Updates 2019

So, let us see what are the updates which were useful to the users of Google AdWords.

Reach Planner Update For YouTube

The ‘Reach Planner’ is the update introduced by Google for YouTube. This update helps in connecting to the audiance by effectively dealing with the estimation of the various video campaigns. It also helps to select the most suitable ad format based on the marketing budget and the objective. This is a great Google ads features which make it even better.

Promotion Extention

This is a new update which can be seen under the option ‘Ads and extensions’. It is a new Google Ads feature which helps the ads to be distinct from the others. Many of the e-commerce sites have been hugely benefitted from it. This helped them to show their ads for their promotion of some special offer in a more distinct way. 

There are other benefits like: 

  1. It helped to gain a 10% increase in the click-through rate.
  2. By using the Promotional Extension, the usage of characters have been limited.
  3. With its help, you will be able to make the promotional message to appear once as an ad and once by Promotional Extension.

Expanded And Advanced Landing Page

After a person has clicked on one of your ads, he/she will reach the expanded landing page. This makes the reviewing of the landing page very important. With this new update, you will get the expanded landing page URLs in one report. It makes the recording of the traffic for each of the landing pages on your website very easy.  

New Audiance Solution Update

All the Google AdWords updates 2019 has been offered with the purpose of increasing the profit of the business by helping the marketers. The ‘New Audiance Solution’ is one such update. This update helps to find customers who have similar interests as your top customers. 

In order to do that, the AdWords uses the Remarketing List for the Search Ads to find the people who have accessed similar sites in the past. According to some research, it is seen that by targeting similar customers, the conversion rate can improve by about 22%. 

Product Listing Ads

In the different kinds of product listings of Google, it has introduced a new category of “Shop Now”. In this list, the people will also be able to see the details of the products along with the price. These details can be seen by swiping the thing which looks like the extension of the price. It also has the shipping options, availability details, and the hyperlink also. This has proven to be one of the best Google ads features out there. 

Top Google AdWords Trends 2019

All of the updates introduced by Google is good, but it will be useless if you do not know the proper way of utilizing them. So, let’s see what the current trends in Google:

Smart Features

These updates have brought some interesting features to the table and also show great potential. However, these updates can affect the user negatively if they are unaware of their proper usage. These features are great for experienced users, but a beginner can get confused and make mistakes.

Hence, you must first know properly about the new features you are about to use. 


In today’s digital world of advertising, quality has become the primary focus. Google also prefers quality ads and also rewards those campaigns which have great quality. This is evident from the ranking of the ads. 

Voice Search Is Changing The Keywords

The option of voice search has been around for quite some time, but in recent years in which it has grown in popularity. Today, more and more people are using the feature of voice search rather than typing long texts. Hence, when it comes to voice search, people will ask complete questions, so the keywords will be longer. Therefore, it has become important to incorporate longer keywords for voice searches.


All the above-mentioned google Adwords updates 2019 are the most positive updates of this year. With these updates, a marketer will face no problem in making a successful marketing campaign for the business. However, they will also require to know about the latest trand to make use of these Google ads features to its fullest. With all this knowledge, a business is bound to grow beyond one’s dream.